Fallout 76 An Ounce Of Prevention Walkthrough Guide

Fallout 76 Second Helpings Walkthrough Guide, An Ounce Of Prevention Walkthrough

Fallout 76 has a lot to offer in terms of content like main quests, side quests, and more. In this Fallout 76 guide, we will help players with the walkthrough of the An Ounce Of Prevention main quest.

An Ounce Of Prevention Walkthrough

Go to the basement of the AVR Medical Center. Use the stairs to the right of the building to get there. Be careful as the center is full of Scorched and players can get easily surrounded.

Once players are in the basement, use the AVR Medical Center terminal and read the “Inoculation Project Overview” entry. Now players need some items to move the quest along.

The first thing players need is a Type-T Fuse. Players will find it in Greg’s Mine Supply which is located northeast of the AVR Medical Center. Once players are at Greg’s Mine Supply, go to the house across the street and enter the basement from the back of the house. Keep going until you reach Greg’s Mine. Supply. The Type-T fuse is inside the yellow wooden crate just up the stairs.

Once players have to fuse, it’s time to get blood samples of a Feral Ghoul, a Wolf, and a Mole Rat. Find and kill each of the enemies and then search them for their blood.

Once players have the blood samples, head back to AVR Medical Center. Insert the fuse into the fuse box and then insert the blood samples into the centrifuge. Use the terminal to analyze them and then use the Sympo-Matic to inject the vaccine and the quest concludes.

That is all for our Fallout 76 An Ounce Of Prevention Walkthrough Guide. For more on the game, also see Where to Find Wendigo Colossus and Wastelanders Map Fragment Locations.

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