Vault-Tec quests are a great way to farm resources and get additional XP in Fallout 4. There are 8 Vault-Tech quests in the game and in this guide, we will give you complete walkthroughs for each of the 8 Fallout 4 Vault-Tech quests.


Fallout 4 Vault-Tech Quests

  1. Vault-Tec Calling
  2. Better Living Underground
  3. A Model Citizen
  4. Explore Vault 88
  5. Power to the people
  6. The Watering Hole
  7. Vision of the Future
  8. Lady Luck

Vault-Tech Calling

Objectives: Tune radio to Vault 88 Radion Beacon, investigate Vault 88.

How to Complete: When you reach level 20, the quest will trigger automatically. However, you can also get this quest from Quincy Quarries. Your first objective is to use the Pip-boy to tune the radio to the Vault 88 Beacon broadcast. Listen to the message and visit Quincy Quarries. Reach Vault 88 entrance but make sure to clear the Raiders, enter the Vault to complete the quest.

Better Living Underground

Objective: Lift the security lockdown, find the control board, repair the Vault-tec workshop, clear the rubble, talk with the Vault survivor.

How to Complete: Vault 88 is in lockdown due to a Raider attack. Go to the accessible area and clear the Ghouls by following the quest marker. When you reach the Security Office, access the terminal and list the lockdown. One of the survivors is trapped in the rubble, takes control of the nearby Workshop to clear the rubble. Follow the marker into the reactor room and find Chief Anderson. Kill the Ghoul and claim Vault-Tech Control Board. Use the control board to take control of the Workshop. Now use the Workshop menu to clear the rubble.

A Model Citizen

Objective: Follow the Overseer, kill the feral Ghouls, talk to the Overseer, Build the Vault 88 Overseer’s desk, Return to the Overseer, turn on the Vault 88 Radion Beacon, explore Vault 88, help the Overseer interview candidates, take to the Overseer.

How to Complete: Follow the Overseer and clear the enemies, kill all marked enemies at Overseer’s requests. Once the area is secure, you need to build the Overseer’s desk using the Workshop menu. Vault 88 has all the components you need in case you don’t have them already. With the desk complete, go back to the Reactor room and flip the marked switch. Wait until candidates arrive and then help the Overseer evaluate them. The interview includes two optional speech challenges.

Explore Vault 88

Objective: Turn on Vault-Tec Workshop in North Sector, find the North Sector Control Board, turn on Vault-Tec Workshop in East Sector, find the East Sector Control Board, urn on Vault-Tec Workshop in North-East Sector, find the North-East Sector Control Board.

How to Complete: When you complete A Model Citizen quest, you’ll automatically trigger this quest. Your objective to activate the remaining three Vault 88 Workshops. Open the Workshop menu to clear a path through each of the site’s sealed sectors. Look for the scrapable rock piles. There are three sealed sectors and each of them contains a Workshop and a Vault-Tech Control Board. Recover all three control boards and activate the Workshops to complete the quest. Each sector has enemies as well so be careful.

Power to the People

Objective: Outfit Clem in a Vault 88 suit, speak with the Overseer, build the Power Cycle 1000, Connect a terminal to the Power Cycle, and select experiment parameters, assign Clem to the Power Cycle, let Clem ride for an hour, speak with Clem, repair the Power Cycle, speak with the Overseer.

How to Complete: Go to the marked location and collect the jumpsuits and Pipboys. Give them to Clem and have him equip the jumpsuit. Now speak with the Overseer the follow her instructions. Build the Power Cycle 1000 and a terminal, wire the devices together to make them work. Help the Overseer complete the experiment to complete the quest.

The Watering Hole

Objective: Get the Chemical Research from HalluciGen, Inc, build and power the Soda Fountain Prototype, connect a terminal to the Soda Fountain and select experiment parameters, let Clem serve soda for an hour, speak with Clem, speak with the Overseer.

How to Complete: Go to HalluciGen, Inc and collect the required research for the Overseer. If you already cleared HalluciGen Inc you should have the key to the back door. If not, fight your way to the front entrance. Delive the research to the Overseer and use the Workshop menu to build a Soda Fountain Prototype. Connect it to the Terminal and help the Overseer complete her experiment.

Vision of the Future

Objective: Connect and power the Phoropter Prototype, connect a terminal to the Phoropter and select experiment parameters, speak with the Overseer and Clem, speak with the test subject, speak with the Overseer.

How to Complete: Help the Overseer complete her third experiment. You need a large amount of Nuclear Material to build the device. Use the Workshop menu to scrap the Uranium deposits. Once you have the materials, build the Phoropter and connect it to a Terminal and Power source. Select the experiment parameters and wait for the Overseer.

Lady Luck

Objective: Build and power the Slot Machine, connect a terminal with the Slot Machine and select the parameters, let Clem gamble for one hour, speak with the Overseer.

How to Complete: Help the Overseer build and power the Slot Machine Prototype, connect a terminal, and select the experiment parameters. Let Chem gamble for one hour and speak with the Overseer.

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