During Jewel of the Commonwealth main quest, you find out that detective Nick Valentine is missing. Ellie Perkins asks for your help in finding him and if you choose to help her, Unlikely Valentine quest is triggered. Below is a complete walkthrough for Fallout 4 Unlikely Valentine.


Fallout 4 Unlikely Valentine Walkthrough

As you may have already guessed, the main objective of this quest is to free Nick Valentine. The detective is your best chance of getting more information about Shaun. According to Ellie Perkins, his last known location is Park Street Station near the northeast edge of Bostom Common.

Note: The Park Street Station is deep into Boston where you will find many hostiles. It is best to not pick unnecessary fights in this area until you reach a higher character level.

Go inside the Park Street Station where you’ll follow the subway tunnels to enter Vault 114. In this entire section, you will fight the Triggermen, a group of thugs with SMGs. Inside the vault, you will find Nick Valentine held captive at the Overseer’s chamber. The door to the Overseer’s office is locked, gain access to the nearby terminal and hack your way in. Or, kill the Triggerman Dino to get the password. Dino is the one guarding this area.

Enter the locked office and speak with Nick who’ll then guide you out of Vault 114.

Bobblehead: Inside the Overseer’s office you can pick up a limited edition Vault-Tech bobblehead.

As you try to leave the Vault you’ll be confronted by Skinny Malone, Darla, and some thugs.

Tip: If you have enough Charisma, it is possible to turn Skinny and Darla against each other, or talk your way out of the situation.

You will leave Vault 114 and Nick returns to his office in Diamond City. Speak to him at his office to know more about Shaun. For freeing Nick, he will offer you a French Trench Coat, 100x caps, and Worn Fedora.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to complete Fallout 4 Unlikely Valentine main quest. Need more help? See Unique Armor locations, Magazine locations, Charisma perks, Power Armor frames locations, Far Harbor side quest, Nuke World side quest, Jewel of the Commonwealth walkthrough.