Fallout 4 has a lot of content to offer and it’s quite possible that a lot of players ignore the main quests while they attempt to complete side quests, faction quests, and other content in the game. However, to platinum the game, players have to complete the main quests. In this Fallout 4 guide, we will help players with the walkthrough of The Molecular Level main quest.


The Molecular Level Walkthrough

Bring the chip to Doctor Amari and she’ll suggest players to contact The Railroad. This quest won’t proceed until players have completed the Road to Freedom railroad quest.

Once players have contacted the Railroad, enter the old church to gain access to the Railroad HQ. Talk to the Railroad leader Desdemona and Tinker Tom will look at the chip. After that, leave the Railroad HQ and go back to Virgil in the Glowing Sea. Virgil will give players some plans. The plans are for building a teleportation device.

There are three different ways to achieve this goal and each method requires that you are on friendly terms with each faction. Meaning, if you are on friendly terms at least with one faction, then one of the following methods will help you achieve the objective.

Brothehood Of Steel

For this method to work, you should be on friendly terms with the Brotherhood Of Steel and have compiled the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Fire Support and Call to Arms. Once these quests are done, speak to the faction scientist Proctor Ingram about constructing the signal interceptor.

Minutemen Mettle

For this method to work, players must have completed the When Freedom Calls Minutemen Quest. Go to Preston Garvey and talk to him about signal interceptor. Players must have completed The First Step Minutemen quest to able to get help from this faction. Then speak to faction scientist Sturges about constructing the signal interceptor.

Railroad Resolution

Players must complete the Railroad Quest: Tradecraft first and then speak to faction scientist Tinker Tom about constructing the signal interceptor.

Construct Signal Interceptor

Whichever faction scientist you talk to, it’s time to build the signal interceptor. Clear the ground in one of the settlements and access the workshop and then open the Special menu. Now players have to build Stabilized Reflector Platform, Beam Emitter, Relay Dish, and Console.

Players need the following components to craft Stabilized Reflector Platform.

  • Aluminum (10)
  • Circuitry (3)
  • Steel (5)
  • Power (3)

The following components are required to craft Beam Emitter.

  • Rubber (2)
  • Steel (10)
  • Copper (1)
  • Military-grade circuit board (1)
  • Circuitry (1)
  • Power (20)

The following components are required to craft Relay Dish.

  • Copper (3)
  • Steel (3)
  • Cloth (6)
  • Gold (3)
  • Sensor Module (1)
  • Power (5)

To construct a Console, players require the following components.

  • Rubber (2)
  • Copper (3)
  • Steel (5)
  • Biometric scanner (1)
  • Power (2)

Once players have crafted all of the required devices, it’s time to connect them. Then build enough generators to power all of the devices. Use wires to connect Wires from the generators to the devices. Once that is done, players can use the Signal Interceptor.

That is all for our Fallout 4 The Molecular Level walkthrough guide. For more on the game, also see Power Armor Frames Locations and Endurance Perks Guide.

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