One of the main factions in Fallout 4 is The Minutemen. Just like other factions, you can ally yourself with The Minutemen but doing so impacts your relationship with other factions one way or another. Below is a complete walkthrough guide for all Fallout 4 Minutemen side factions quests.


Fallout 4 The Minutemen Quests Walkthrough

In total, there are 10 The Minutemen quests you can complete in Fallout 4.

  1. When Freedom Calls
  2. Sanctuary
  3. The Sight
  4. Taking Independence
  5. Old Guns
  6. Inside Job
  7. Form Ranks
  8. Defend the Castle
  9. The Nuclear Option
  10. With Our Powers Combined

When Freedom Calls

As you move through Concord, you will see a man trying to protect some people from Raiders at a museum. Under the museum balcony, there is a short laser and fusion cell ammunition in front of the doors. Take the items and clear the enemies from the street before entering the Museum of Freedom.

There are a ton of armed Raiders inside the museum. Kill the enemies you see around the museum as your approach the top floor to meet the defenders. Here you will find Preston Garvey and his Minutemen members. Agree to help Sturges kill the remaining Raiders.

Once you are done, drop to the ground floor and reach the basement. Use the bobby pin or hack the terminal to open the security gate. Loot everything in sight, you can pick up Fusion Cores, Vault-Tec Bobblehead, and a classic issue of RobCo FUN! inside the museum. On the roof of the museum, you will find an empty T-45 Power Armor. You will need Fusion Cores to run it but if you don’t have any, detach its Minigun.

If there are remaining Raiders, clear them out and meet with Preston for a reward. Also, agree to join the Minutemen at the Sanctuary.


When Preston Garvey comes to the Sanctuary, they want you to build the Sanctuary. Access your workshop and make new beds, furniture inside new or pre-built structures. Also, build a water purifier, and feed them. The Sturges also require defenses.

The Sight

Mama Murphy claims she sees visions of the future. However, to keep them flowing you need to get her some chems and she needs 8 hours of sleep between each intake. When you speak with her, she asks for some Jet. If you have some, offer her but if you don’t, find her the chems she needs. The next time you meet her, she asks you to build her a wooden chair. You can keep giving her the chems to hear her visions or use Charisma (Medium) to convince her to go clean.

Taking Independence

Once the Minutemen are set up at the Sanctuary and you completed a few Radiant quests (Ownership, Recruitment), Preston Garvey wants to retake the Castle. Go to the remains of Ivan’s snack shop outside the Castle, South Boston. Meet with members of the Minutemen who want to know your plan of attack. You can do the following to retake the Castle:

  1. Pincer attack for a stealth approach
  2. Lure them out and use a sniper
  3. Go in guns blazing

How you take the Castle is up to you but focus on clearing the courtyard first. You can pick up a magazine near the central radio mast. You can find ammo in the Castle’s interior corridors.

Old Guns

Speak with Preston after completing a few Recruitment quests and he mentions someone named Ronnie Shaw who is at the Castle. Head over there and meet with Shaw and listen to what he has to say. Shaw tells you of an old Minutemen armory in the western bastion of the Castle. But its entrance is covered in rubble.

Go into the Castle tunnels and speak with Ronnie. The defenses must be removed including the Sentry Bot. Open the Security Door and dress in the attire of the previous Minutemen leader (optional). Locate the button that opens the piston door to reach the exterior courtyard.

Enter the armory and get the items you need, especially the Artillery Schematic and smoke grenades.

Building an Artillery Piece would be a great help to the Minutemen. You need the following items to build it; 4x Oil, 11x Gear, 5x Spring, 16x Steel, 4x Concrete, 4x Wood. You also need 1x person to build it. Pick anyone from the Castle, highlight them and press Command. Move to the Artillery Piece and press Assign.

Test the new Artillery Piece by throwing a smoke grenade in the abandoned snack shop outside. Keep your distance and watch the fireworks.

Inside Job

This quest is only available after you help the Sturges build a teleporter during The Molecular Level main quest. You can get the network scanner holotape from another faction as well.

Start the Institutionalized main quest and access the Institute Relay terminal or any other terminal you can find. Use the Network Scanner Holotape and remove the data from the Terminal. Continue the quest, you can later come back to the Sturges and give them the data.

Form Ranks

This quest is available after you are kicked out of the Institue for any reason. Go and speak with Preston and explain the situation to him. He will tell you that the Minutemen aren’t strong enough to take on the Institute so you must recruit more members and build settlements before an assault can occur. However, if you have 8 or more settlements he will warn you of an incoming attack on the Castle by the Institute and Defend the Castle Minutement side quest begins.

Defend the Castle

Once you have 8 settlements you can listen to Radio Freedom, visit the Castle, or speak with Preston Garvey to start this quest. To complete this quest you need to successfully defend the Castle from the Institute’s attack.

The Nuclear Option

After giving the data from the terminal to Preston, instead of waiting for an attack, you can charge forward and attack the Institute. But first, Preston gives you a holotape to use in the same Institute terminal and also hands you a Laser Musket. Go to Cambridge Neighborhood, west of Greenetech Genetics, and clear out the Raider camp near the river. Go underwater to reach Public Works Maintenance Area and use the keypad. You can use the hazmat suit or Power Armor to handle the radiation. Open the gate and drop into the old sewer and locate the pipe with a hatch on it.

Hack the sentry terminal (Expert) or pick the security door lock. You can also use a hole in the wall, southeast. Use the holotape Preston gave to upload the Institute Relay Targeting Sequence into the Terminal. Preston and Minutemen members will teleport in. Get the fusion pulse charge from Preston and go through the Old Robotics area. Eliminate the enemies in the area, locate and drop through the hatch to reach the Bioscience Lab. The reactor entrance blast door is activated.

Use the elevator to reach the Father’s quarters and get the override password from him. Use a terminal to override the Mastery Security Lockdown. Go to the Institute Advanced Systems and enter the reactor chamber. Eliminate the enemies and activate reactor housing.

Sturges then teleport you to the Insitute Relay Control Room. Speak with Preston to know of an unplanned visitor. Speak with the visitor and you will get two choices:

  • Take him with you and save his life
  • Let the Sturges know that the child should stay put

Speak into the relay and teleport to the roof of the Mass Fusion to press the button and end the quest.

With Our Powers Combined

The Minutemen are now planning to go after the Brotherhood of Steel. This quest is available when Brotherhood of Steel is against you. Speak with Preston and build artillery defenses. Build an Artillery Piece and assign a man to it. You need to do this in 5 different settlements. Now go back to the Castle, speak to the Radio operator. Ask him to request fire.

And that’s the complete list of Fallout 4 The Minutemen quests and how to complete them. Need more help? See Brotherhood of Steel Miscellaneous quests, Nuka World side quests, Random Encounters, The Institute Radiant quests.