If you are done with The Institute quests in Fallout 4, there are still other things you can do for the Father’s people. There are some Miscellaneous quests you can complete for The Institute. Below is a complete walkthrough for The Institute Miscellaneous Quests in Fallout 4.


Fallout 4 The Institute Miscellaneous Quests Walkthrough

In total, there are 3 Miscellaneous quests:

  1. Building a Better Crop
  2. Plugging a Leak
  3. A House Divided

Building a Better Crop

This quest becomes available once you ally yourself with The Institute and also complete the Institutionalized main quest. Speak with Isaac Karlin and deliver some seeds to Roger Warwick at the homestead. You will find him on the Southeast Coast. Going through South Boston, and through Quincy is the best route. Find Warwick, say the passphrase and agree to help.

Find one of the Warwick clan members named Janey, June, or Wally. Question them until they mention Cedric Hopton; you can find Hopton at the Third Rail, Goodneighbor. To get the information you need out of him, you can use Charisma or 500 caps to bribe.

You will find out that Bill Sutton, one of Warwick’s clam members is working against him. Go to the main sleeping quarters of the homestead where you will come across a confrontation:

You can calm the situation or attack and kill Bill. Once done, go back to Isaac at the Institute and report on everything that happened. You’ll get 20x Stickpacks for your troubles.

Plugging a Leak

This quest is available after you ally with The Institute and complete Mankind Redefined main quest. The quest won’t be able if you completed the Tradecraft Railroad quest. Go to the Synth Retention Bureau and speak with Dr. Ayo who thinks that Dr. Binet is helping the Synth escape.

Agree to help Ayo and go to the robotics laboratory to access the terminal there. You’ll reach Binet’s quarters where you meet Liam and Liam’s mother. You can investigate the terminal in Binet’s quarters and check the logs. You can also use Charisma (Hard) on Liam and he will confess everything.

Or enter the Institute SRB and check the terminal. Liam’s mother won’t be too happy about you checking the terminal. You can resolve the matter with dialogue or combat. In the end, you can use Charisma (Hard) to agree to help the Binets if you want to.

A House Divided

You get this quest after completing Mankind Redefined The Institute quest. Speak with Dr. Oberly and after you get the BioScience Systems Holotape, go through the opened door. Inside you will find hostile turrets and Synths. You need to reach BioScience Observation and speak with Lawrence Higgs. You can complete the conversation without any resolution or use Charisma (Hard, Medium) to convince him to give you a chance, convince him and Doctor Loken to stand down to complete the quest.

If there is no resolution, the standoff begins. There are multiple ways to complete this standoff:

  • Go to the observation chamber and enter the BioScience Systems Access Holotape in the terminal. You can then turn off the turrets. You can also release the synth gorillas in the lab to kill the synths and the doctors. You can then open the lab door, use the terminal to unlock another door, and end the standoff.
  • You can convince Loken to see sense.

And that’s the complete list of Fallout 4 The Institute Miscellaneous Quests and how to complete them. Need more help? See The Institute quests, Far Harbor side quests, Nuka World side quests, Unique Armor locations, Unique Weapon locations, Power Armor Frames locations.