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Fallout 4 Strength Perks Guide: Best Perks, Stats


Strength training is one of the most crucial parts of Fallout 4. It is a measure of your character’s raw physical power. It affects how many items you can carry as well as your melee attack damage. Each item you pick up in Fallout 4 has a weight attached to it, the stronger your character build is the more you can carry with you.

Since Fallout 4’s progression heavily depends on loot, increasing carrying capacity should be the main focus on yours. Meanwhile, melee damage is done by the weapons you carry in your hands such as the baseball bat. The higher your Strength the more damage you can do with your attacks.

To increase Strength Stat in Fallout 4 you need to spend Perk Points towards different available Strength Perks in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Strength Perks

Spend Perk points to get yourself 1 point of Strength up to a maximum of 10. You can upgrade the Strength stat in the following categories.

  1. Iron Fist
  2. Big Leagues
  3. Armorer
  4. Blacksmith
  5. Heavy Gunner
  6. Strong Back
  7. Steady Aim
  8. Basher
  9. Rooted
  10. Pain Train

Iron Fist

Players who like to use their hands to cause damage should put points into the Iron Fist category of Strength Perks to increase unarmed weaponry damage. This category allows you to focus on one enemy at a time.

Rank Requirements Effects 
1 STR 1 +20% more damage with punching attacks. 
2 Level 9, STR 1 +40% more damage with punching attack as well as disarm enemies. 
3 Level 8, STR 1 +60% more damage with punching attacks. Unarmed Power Attacks have a chance to cripple. 
4 Level 31, STR 1 +80% more damage with punching attacks. Power Attacks have an increased chance to cripple. 
5 Level 46, STR 1 2x damage with punching attacks. Crits in VATS paralyze enemies. 

Big Leagues

If you plan to bludged your enemies, this is the perk you should be investing in. You will have a hard time taking on multiple enemies but single enemy damage goes way up compared to the Iron Fist.

Rank Requirements Effects 
1 STR 1 +20% more damage with melee weapons. 
2 Level 7, STR 2 +40% more damage with melee weapons and chance to disarm. 
3 Level 15, STR 2 +60% more damage with melee weapons and increased chance to disarm. 
4 Level 27 STR 2 +80% more damage with melee weapons and chance to disarm. 
5 Level 42, STR 2 2x damage with melee weapons and chance to disarm. 


Strength stat is not only used for melee damage and carrying more items, it also helps you craft better armor. Some armor pieces especially the unique armor pieces may sometimes require more Strength to craft or upgrade.

Rank Requirements Effects 
1 STR 3 Get access to base and Rank 1 armor mods. 
2 Level 13, STR 3 Get access to Rank 2 armor mods. 
3 Level 25, STR 3 Get access to Rank 3 armor mods. 
4 Level 39, STR 3 Get access to Rank 4 armor mods. 


If you are the kind of player who likes to use melee weapons, it is a great idea to craft more powerful, modified variants of those melee weapons. Invest in the Blacksmith Strength perk to enhance your crafting abilities.

Rank Requirements Effects 
1 STR 4 Get access to base and Rank 1 weapon mods. 
2 Level 16, STR 4 Get access to Rank 2 weapon mods. 
3 Level 29, STR 4 Get access to Rank 3 weapon mods. 

Heavy Gunner

Carrying heavy weapons in Fallout 4 is also tied to your Strength stat and perks in Fallout 4. Invest in the Heavy Gunner perk to increase your aim, damage, and stability with Heavy Weapons in Fallout 4.

Rank Requirements Effects 
1 STR 5 +20% more damage with heavy weapons. 
2 Level 11, STR 5 +40% more damage with heavy weapons and better hip-fire accuracy. 
3 Level 21, STR 5 +60% more damage with heavy weapons and increased hip-fire accuracy. 
4 Level 35, STR 5 +80% more damage with heavy weapons and chance to stagger. 
5 Level 47, STR 5 2x damage with heavy weapons. 

Strong Back

If you are someone who likes to carry heavy weapons, wear heavy armor, and loot everything in sight, you must invest toward increasing your carrying capacity in Fallout 4. Strong Back Strength perk does exactly that!

Rank Requirements Effects 
1 STR 6 +25 to carry weight. 
2 Level 10, STR 6 +50 to carry weight. 
3 Level 20, STR 6 Use Action Points to run when overburdened. 
4 Level 30, STR 6 Fast travel when overburdened. 
5 Level 40, STR 6 -50% action point cost when running during encumbered status. 

Steady Aim

A great aim is required to shoot the weak points of your enemies. Usually increased accuracy comes from the VATS tech in Fallout 4 but you can actually invest in the Steady Aim perk to increase your accuracy without having to use VATS.

Rank Requirements Effects 
1 STR 7 Improved hip-accuracy. 
2 Level 28, STR 7 Even better hip-fire accuracy. 


This perk is great for those annoying situations where you forget to reload your gun. And as they say, it is always best to switch rather than reload. However, there is another way that’s even faster than reloading your weapon, increase damage with the butt of your weapon. Invest in the Basher Strength perk to increase weapon bashing damage in Fallout 4.

Rank Requirements Effects 
1 STR 8 +25% bashing damage. 
2 Level 5, STR 8 +50% bashing damage and chance to cripple. 
3 Level 14, STR 8 +75% bashing damage and a better chance to cripple. 
4 Level 26, STR 8 2x bashing damage and increased chance to cripple, inflict crit. 


Investing in this perk type will increase your damage resistance while standing still and in some cases increase your damage output as well.

Rank Requirements Effects 
1 STR 9 +25 damage resistance while standing still, +25% damage with unarmed attacks. 
2 Level 22, STR 9 +50 damage resistance while standing still, +50% damage with unarmed attacks. 
3 Level 43, STR 9 Stand still to automatically disarm enemies who use melee attacks. 

Pain Train

You can actually use Power Armor as a source of damage output. Investing in the Pain Train perk will allow you to run into enemies while wearing Power Armor and cause damage as well as stagger them.

Rank Requirements Effects 
1 STR 10 Run into enemies while wearing your Power Armor to deal damage and stagger them. Won’t work with Robots and large enemies. 
2 Level 24, STR 10 Run into enemies while wearing your Power Armor to deal severe damage and stagger them. Won’t work with Robots and large enemies. 
3 Level 50, STR 10 Run into enemies while wearing your Power Armor to deal massive damage and knock them down. Impact land near targets to do more damage. 

Best Strength Perks

The best strength perks depend on the type of build you want but there are some general ones that you must invest in. Get perks that increase your carrying capacity, unarmed melee damage, and allow you to craft better armor and weapons. Such perks are the best in Fallout 4.

And that’s all the Strength Perks you invest in Fallout 4. Need more help? Visit Unique Weapons locations, and Super Mutant Appeal locations, how to cure exhaustion, Power Armor Frames locations.

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