When you’re done with Getting a Clue main quest, you can follow Dogmeat as he tracks down the cigar scent. The quest unfolds as you follow Dogmeat. Below you will find the complete walkthrough for Fallout 4 Reunions main quest.


Fallout 4 Reunions Walkthrough

Dogmeat has the scent and is tracking Kellogg. Follow your fur baby to the Fens, exit the city and reach the small pond to the Southwest of Diamond City. Follow the trail along the railroad tracks, investigate the freeway underpass for clues leading to Kellogg blood. You will soon encounter fiends and Wild Mongrels.

Search the railroad shack for more clues that point to an expert trap maker. Go across the bridge and kill the Ghouls you encounter in the next area. Find and speak with the remains of an Assaultron. Move on to the Fort Hagen perimeter where you will face Wild Mongrels and more. Look for Blood bandages before running to the exterior of Fort Hegan where the trail dies out in front of the blocked entrance.

Tip: You will notice machine turrets on the roof. The best way to deal with them is scaling the roof and removing them from behind their shooting radius.

Use the roof hatch to enter Fort Hegan or go through the underground parking lot door. When you’re inside, you will face a number of enemies such as Synths. Look for laser turrets, they can be shut down via terminals nearby.

Use the elevator to reach the basement and take down the Synth resistance. Use the command center to look for a wood-paneled office. Prepare to confront Kellogg.

Tip: Before you leave or face Kellogg, you can explore Fort Hegan to find Bobblehead: Energy Weapons, ammunition, and U.S Covert Operational Manual.

It is time to deal with Kellogg and his allies. Kill them all but don’t exit the area without grabbing Kellogg’s terminal password or the Cybernetic Brain Augmenter. There is a pistol in the area, pick it up before leaving.

Go back to Nick Valentine and speak with him. Before the end of the quest, Piper is unlocked as your companion.

And that’s the complete walkthrough for Fallout 4 Reunions main quest. Need more help? See Hunter/Hunted walkthrough, Getting a Clue walkthrough, The Glowing Sea walkthrough, Shattered walkthrough, Power Armor Frames locations.