Fallout 4 features a lot of factions, and Railroad is one of them. Each faction in the game has its own quests, radiant quests, and more and the Railroad faction is no different. In this Fallout 4 guide, we will help players with the walkthroughs of all Railroad Radiant quests.


The Railroad Radiant Quests

Radiant quests are optional quests that require players to assist the Railroad faction. The locations that players have to visit for these particular quests are random. Some of the radiant quests are repeatable, which the players can use to farm. The following are all of the Railroad faction Radiant Quests in Fallout 4.

Butcher’s Bill 1

Talk to Carrington and players will be asked to check the status of Augusta Safehouse. The safe house is in Cambridge within the raider stronghold of the Kendall Hospital. Go inside and find the Steamer Trunk. After that, exit the building, report back at the Railroad HQ and receive your reward.

Butcher’s Bill 2

Doctor Carrington and players will be told that a survivor made it out of the Augusta Safehouse and was spotted recently. Go to the marked location and rush to the safe house. Eliminate threats and locate Blackbird. Take note that Blackbird has and report back to Doctor Carrington and collect your reward.

Mercer Safehouse

This radiant quest becomes available after players have aligned with the Railroad faction in Fallout 4. Talk to PAM at Railroad HQ and then go to the marked location. Eliminate threats and access the workshop to build defenses. Then go back to the Railroad HQ, report and collect your reward. This quest isn’t repeatable.


Talk to PAM at Railroad HQ and then go to the marked location to secure a DIA Cache. Of course, there will be enemies here. Eliminate all threats and then open a secret cubbyhole using the RFID Device. Take what you want and then report back to Railroad HQ.


This Radiant quest in Fallout 4 becomes available once players have completed the Mercer Safehouse Railroad radiant quest. Talk to Caretaker, go to the marked location, fight your way to the marked enemy, and kill it. Go back to the Caretaker and collect your reward.


Talk to Tinker Tom, who needs players to place MILA at a high vantage point in Commonwealth. Go to the marked location, usually high up, and fight your way to it. Place the device and report back at Railroad HQ.

Randolph Safehouse

Talk to Drummer Boy, who’ll tell players that Randolph Safehouse has gone dark and has left a message at a dead drop. Go to the marked location, grab the Randolph Safehouse Update, and eliminate all enemies. Report back at Railroad HQ, and Desdemona will tell players to speak with Drummer Boy from time to time about the safe house. Complete this radiant quest five times, and the sixth time; players will meet Mister Tims, and the safehouse will be disbanded.

Variable Removal

Speak with PAM, and she’ll tell players about a Courser in the field. Go to the marked location and eliminate the Courser. Killing the rest of the enemies is optional. Report back at Railroad HQ and collect your reward.

To the Mattresses

After completing the Nuclear Option Railroad Quest, talk to Desdemona. Go to the marked location and kill the marked enemy. Go back to the Railroad HQ and report. Talk to Desdemona about the remaining five bosses from the L&L Gang. Repeat this quest five times and complete it the sixth time; the gang will be eliminated for good.

Lost Soul

Talk to Doctor Carrington about the synths and then go to the marked location and clear the area of the enemies. Locate the synth and talk to it. After that, exit and are and go back to Railroad HQ to report.

A Clean Equation

After completing the Rockets’ Red Glare railroad quest, talk to PAM and go to the marked location. Eliminate the Brotherhood of Steel patrol. Then go back and report to her. This quest is repeatable.

High Ground

After completing The Nuclear Option quest for the Railroad faction in Fallout 4, talk to PAM who has spotted a Vertibird and players have to destroy it. Go to the marked location and destroy it. Then report back at Railroad HQ. This quest is also repeatable.

That is all for our Fallout 4 The Railroad Radiant Quests Walkthrough Guide. For more on the game, also see The Railroad Quests Walkthrough Guide and The Railroad Miscellaneous Quests Walkthrough Guide.