Fallout 4 offers a lot of content like collectibles, quests, and more. Minutemen Radiant Ownership Quests are one of the quests that players can complete which are basically small optional quests that players can choose to ignore. In this Fallout 4 guide, we will help players with all of the Minutemen Radiant Ownership Quests in the game.


Minutemen Radiant Ownership Quests

These ownership Radiant quests are basically calls for assistance from Preston Garvey or Radio Freedom for settlements that have allied themselves with the player. The locations these quests will send the players to are random and most of these ownership Radiant quests are repeatable. Meaning players can farm a lot of resources. The following are Minutemen Radiant Ownership Quests in Fallout 4 that players can complete.

Defend a Settlement or Defend Artillery at a Settlement

Visit the marked settlement and talk to one of the settlers. Use the workshop and build defenses. Once you are done with the defenses, wait for the enemies. If they don’t come then sit or sleep and the enemies will start attacking. One of the enemies will be high-level like Raiders, Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants, Gunners, the Brotherhood of Steel if they are hostile to you, synth in the Institute is hostile to you. Help defeat it, talk to the settlor and report back to Preston Garvey.

Stop the Raiding

Go to the marked settlement and speak with one of the settlers. Agree to help them with the raider problem. Go to the marked Raider stronghold and killed the marked enemies. Once that is done, return to the settlement and talk to the settlor. 100 caps is the reward for this quest.

Kidnapped Trader

Go to the marked settlement and talk to one of the settlers. One of the traders has been kidnapped. Players have to the option to either pay the ransom and complete the quest or go rescue the trader.

If you choose to rescue the trader, go to the marked enemy stronghold. Kill the marked enemies and locate the kidnapped trader and escort them out of the stronghold. If the kidnapping victim dies, the quest will fail. Once the trader is safe, go back to the settlement and talk to the settlor. Players will get around 100 caps as a reward.

Water, Food, or Power

Go to the marked location and use the workshop. Add water, food, or power to the settlement until the objective is satisfied. Talk to the settlor and then report back to Preston Garvey.

Suspected Synth

This Minutemen Radiant Ownership Quest only triggers if the Institute hasn’t been destroyed. One of the owned settlements has been infiltrated by a Synth. Speak to the settlers and decide which one is the infiltrator. Players can either kill or banish the synth. Players will receive around 100 caps as a reward.

That is all for our Fallout 4 Minutemen Radiant Ownership Quests Guide with tips in all of the ownership quests. For more on the game, also see our Companion Perks Guide and Minutemen Radiant Recruitment Quests.