Once you are done with the War Never Changes main quest, you can then start Out of Time in Fallout 4. This is the first main quest you get after you wake up in Vault 111. Below is a complete walkthrough of Fallout 4 Out of Time quest.


The first quest is pretty basic and starts after you wake up inside the cryostasis capsule. The quest has you learn basics such as assigning items and weapons to your Favorites menu.

Fallout 4 Out of Time Walkthrough

You wake up a bit disoriented but there is no time to get your bearings. Follow the corridors of Vault 111 to reach the Overseer’s terminal and open the exit. However, before you exit, there are a few things you need to do. First, grab the 10mm pistol and the Pipboy. Both items are near the Vault door. Test your weapon on the Radroaches inside the Vault.

Explore the Vault and find your first holotape for the Red Menace video game in the cafe terminal. Meanwhile, inside the Overseer’s office, you will find the Cryolator inside a locked cabinet. You’ll need Master level hacking skills to unlock the cabinet. You can come back later to pick it up after you have a high enough hacking skill. You’ll need to invest in Inlletigence perks to boost your hacking prowess.

Exit the Vault whenever you’re ready and head east to find the Sanctuary. Find Codsworth outside your home and use his help to explore the Sanctuary. There are Bloatflies in the area so be careful. Codsworth wants to widen the search for Shaun. Go Southeast and you’ll likely run into a friendly fur baby near the Red Rocket Truck Stop. He can be a loyal companion to you.

There is a pond northwest of Concord which is considered to be a breeding ground for Bloodhags. However, Raiders are more dangerous and they lurk in the area. Explore the Museum of Freedom where you will come across Preston Garvey of the Minutemen. It isn’t a bad idea to help his faction before you continue your adventures. If not, you can continue to Boston.

That’s the end of our Fallout 4 Out of Time walkthrough. Need more help? See Minutemen Radiant Ownership quests, Minutemen Recruitment quests, companion perks, Bobblehead locations, Power Armor frames locations.