At the crux of your journey in the Mass Fusion Institute, your loyalties are put to the test. After conversing with the scientist, Allie Filmore, you’re given the task of retrieving an object known as the “Beryllium Agitator” from the debris of Mass Fusion.


Your Choices In Mass Fusion Quest

  1. Continue with Mass Fusion: Pledge your allegiance to the Institute. By doing so, you’ll see several Brotherhood of Steel quests fail. As a result, the Brotherhood of Steel’s quest called ‘Brotherhood of Steel Shutdown’ commences.
  2. Align with the Brotherhood of Steel: If you decide to part ways with the Institute and join the Brotherhood of Steel, a new quest titled ‘Spoils of War’ will begin.

Note from Vault Boy: Always be prepared. Pack ample supplies and provisions. Given the hostility of the Mass Fusion environment, ensure you’re equipped with healthy snacks and radiation-suppressing chemicals. For extra protection, donning the Power Armor is recommended.

Mass Fusion Institute Faction Quest Walkthrough

Your mission leads you to the roof of the Mass Fusion skyscraper located in Boston’s Financial District. Here, you must combat imminent threats, find your way down to the executive suites, and locate the balcony desk situated right before the room with the Executive Research Lab Terminal.

Essential Items to Retrieve

  • Mass Fusion Executive Lab Password
  • Mass Fusion Executive ID

Once you’ve collected the above, you can access the Executive Research Lab Terminal (Advanced). Dive deeper into the institute’s basement to find your desired item.

Elevator Sequence

Upon reaching the elevator, use the Mass Fusion Executive ID on the card reader. As you descend, stay vigilant and combat any hostile forces you encounter.

Pro Tip: There’s an optional task where you can find a circuit breaker. Flip it to power the elevator. After doing so, use the ID card once more and continue your descent. Employ strategic maneuvers to minimize enemy encounters.

mass fusion elecator sequence.

Lobby Confrontation

Head north from your position and find the Mass Fusion Labs Key on a desk. This key unlocks the door to an adjacent chamber with a gaping hole in the floor. Drop down and methodically make your way through the floors leading to the lobby, taking care to eliminate any threats.

Key Items: Mass Fusion Labs Key.

Upon reaching the lobby, be prepared for heightened enemy resistance. Your objective here is to locate and access the service elevator, but remember to use your ID card for entry.

Collectibles In Mass Fusion

As you navigate the labyrinthine confines of Mass Fusion, keep an eye out for some valuable collectibles:

  • Tesla Science Magazine: A valuable source of information.
  • Nuka Cherry: A refreshing beverage that can be found in the laboratory. This rare find is not just a treat but can be instrumental in your journey.
  • Further exploration also reveals a Steamer Trunk and a Hazmat Suit, both of which are crucial for your survival, especially when facing the automated greeters and the Beryllium Agitator in the reactor chamber.