If you are done wandering around The Commonwealth doing side quests and completing the main story, why not try to find the magazines? One of the collectible types in Fallout 4 is Magazines. There are 17 Magazine locations in Fallout 4 and most of them are relatively easy to get while some may require you to hack a terminal or two.


There are 5 magazines with a free holotape game you can try. In this guide, we will discuss all Fallout 4 magazine locations.

Fallout 4 Magazine Locations

Magazine Location #1

The first magazine can be found inside the Sanctuary. You can find it where Codsworth is located.

Magazine Location #2

Another magazine is waiting for fo you at the Outpost Zimnja, at the workshop.

Magazine Location #3

Go to the Skylanes Flight 1981 and look on the restroom toilet, under the cockpit.

Magazine Location #4

Go to the Boston Mayoral Shelter and reach the lower-level bedroom. Look in the Southwest corner, on a small table.

Magazine Location #5

Reach Dunwich Borers and look at the bottom of the pit under Terminal #3, on a table near the Streamer trunk.

Magazine Location #6

Go to the East Boston Preparatory School and enter the computer room at the top floor, southeast corner. Look at a desk in the computer room.

Magazine Location #7

Crater of Atom has another magazine at the top of the central metal shack built into the northern rocks.

Magazine Location #8

There is a metal hut at the Sentinel Site at the edge of the tunnels, overlooking the stockpile chamber.

Magazine Location #9

Look on the toilet inside the locked cell at the Coast Guard Pier. It is neat the secure storage room. You have to hack your may inside.

Magazine Location #10

Inside The Institute you’ll find another magazine sitting on a table at the outside balcony. You can access this area via Holdren’s quarters, north of Atrium.

Magazine Location #11

Trinity Plaza has a magazine on the lecturn, near the steamer trunk, east side of the church interior.

Magazine Location #12

You can find a magazine at Hubris Comics, top floor inside a restroom near steamer trunk.

Magazine Location #13

Pickman Gallery has a magazine in its last tunnel chamber, where you met Pickman. It is near a steamer trunk.

Magazine Location #14

Go to the Old North Church area and enter the Railroad HQ. The magazine is on a metal desk in the brick crypt area.

Magazine Location #15

Inside the living quarters at the Park Street Station, Vault 114. It is on a container in the blocked corridor below the laundry sign.

Magazine Location #16

Look on the kitchen table, where Codsworth resides, in your old house at the Sanctuary.

Magazine Location #17

Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup has a magazine at the east end of the main warehouse, inside a small office, on the desk with the key.

Magazine Location #18

Inside the Overseer’s office on the top floor of the Malden Middle School, Vault 75.

Magazine Location #19

Corvega Assembly Plant has a magazine at the top floor, in the Raider metal hut. Access the area via a catwalk bridge near the Steamer Trunk.

Magazine Location #20

Look on the toilet inside the Gunner camp at the Mass Pike Interchange, near the Power Armor Station.

Magazine Location #21

Complete the Short Stories in the Classroom quest to get a magazine from Katy the teacher in Vault 81.

Magazine Location #22

Go to the Museum of Witchcraft and reach the dungeon room. Look on a table on the upper floor, south wall.

Magazine Location #23

Go to the Raider Camp in Hyde Park, look for the magazine on the roof of the buildings south of the main drag.

Magazine Location #24

Reach the Back Street Apparel and look for the magazine on a living room table in the ruined apartment upstairs.

Magazine Location #25

Look for the magazine near the Park Street Station Entrance, Bostom Common. It is in the bandstand near the skeleton.

Magazine Location #26

When you reach the Bus and Apartment Wreckage, look for the magazine on the bed of the comic book fan’s apartment. The apartment has a bus crashed into it, near Andrew Street Station.

Magazine Location #27

Fort Hagen has another magazine on the table in the kitchen, top floor.

Magazine Location #28

Look in the Rook Family House, inside Barney’s bunker. The magazine is sitting on a metal desk.

Magazine Location #29

South Boston Military Checkpoint, on a metal desk, east wall.

Magazine Location #30

Inside Gunner’s Plaza, top floor lounge, south mezzanine offices. Look on the table surrounded by some sofas.

Magazine Location #31

Quincy Ruins, on the elevated freeway at Gunners camp. It is between the two trailers.

Magazine Location #32

Cambridge Police Station, inside a locked safe in the station chief’s office.

Magazine Location #33

Fraternal Post 115, near the American Flag and sandbags.

Magazine Location #34

Ticonderoga Safehouse, northwest office at the top floor. The magazine is on the desk there.

Magazine Location #35

BADTFL Regional Office, the western part of the building. Look for the magazine there, inside the chief’s office on a desk.

Magazine Location #36

The Castle grounds, on the radio operator’s desk.

Magazine Location #37

Robotics Disposal Ground, small concrete hut. Look for the magazine on the desk.

Magazine Location #38

Atom Cats Garage, Zeke’s trailer, bedside table.

Magazine Location #39

West Roxbury: Parking Lot Funhouse, top floor sleeping quarters near the prize cells.

Magazine Location #40

Fallon’s Department Store, the upper floor near the roof exit. Inside the octagonal room near the Steamer Trunk.

Magazine Location #41

Charlestown Laundry, on one of the washing machines, inside a basket.

Magazine Location #42

Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estates, inside the trailer, near the swimming pool.

Magazine Location #43

Reverse Beech Station, the upper floor of the promenade building, on some concrete blocks near the cooking pot.

Magazine Location #44

WRVR Broadcast Station, near the recording desk, on the table.

Magazine Location #45

College Square, at the station entrance interior, before the stairs.

Magazine Location #46

Bunker’s Hill, top of the monument.

Magazine Location #47

Diamond City Schoolhouse, inside the bedroom on the ground floor.

Magazine Location #48

Goodneighbor, The Third Rail restroom, on the toilet.

Magazine Location #49

Goodneighbor, looby of Hotel Rexford, on the bar counter.

Magazine Location #50

Parsons State Insane Asylum, inside Lorenzo’s quarters, at the bottom floor.

Magazine Location #51

Medford Memorial Hospital, west side balcony, in the storage room.

Magazine Location #52

Med-Tek Research, central lab table, the lowest floor where Prevent is found.

Magazine Location #53

Greater Mass Blood Clinic, inside the analyst’s room.

Magazine Location #54

Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, near the reception, behind the security door.

Magazine Location #55

Cambridge Polymer Labs, inside the Director’s office.

Magazine Location #56

Greentech Genetics, on the table between two red sofas.

Magazine Location #57

Boston Public Library, purchase with 50 tokens from the overdue book vending machine.

Magazine Location #58

Cabot House, top floor bedroom, on the wooden desk.

Magazine Location #59

Saugus Ironworks, Blast Furnace section, on the catwalk.

Magazine Location #60

Weston Water Treatment Plant, office overlooking the generator room.

Magazine Location #61

Beantown Brewery, inside foreman’s concrete wall office.

Magazine Location #62

Hardware Town, upstairs office, center of the building.

Magazine Location #63

Combat Zone, ground floor near the bar.

Magazine Location #64

Vault 111, insdie the cafe terminal in the northeast.

Magazine Location #65

Museum of Freedom, chamber above the front doors.

Magazine Location #66

Fort Hagen, inside the command center, where you speak with Kellogg.

Magazine Location #67

Diamond City Market: Valentine’s Day Detectice Agency, on a desk inside the agency.

Magazine Location #68

Goodneighbor, inside the Memory Den basement.

Magazine Location #69

Thicket Excavations, south of the excavation area, in the metal trailer.

Magazine Location #70

Concord Civic Access, in the scavenger’s sleeping area.

Magazine Location #71

Irish Pride Industries Shipyard, on the metal bench in the docked ship.

Magazine Location #72

Vault 81, Horatio’s barber’s shop.

Magazine Location #73

Mass Pike Tunnel West and East, south central interior tunnels.

Magazine Location #74

Walden Pond, inside the pipe tunnel interior cave, on the lantern barrel.

Magazine Location #75

Mystic Pines, side table by the TV inside building.

Magazine Location #76

Super Duper Mart, near the Milton General Hospital Poster, on the magazine stand.

Magazine Location #77

Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, inside the metal catwalk.

Magazine Location #78

Big John’s Salvage, sitting on the small table with the lantern.

Magazine Location #79 

Wreck of the FMS Northern Star, upper level mid-deck.

Magazine Location #80

Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant, basement locker room.

Magazine Location #81

Gwinnett Brewery, catwalk metal hut on the upper level.

Magazine Location #82

Arcjet Systems, inside the CEO’s office.

Magazine Location #83

Mahkra Fishpacking, bottom floor filleting room.

Magazine Location #84

Reeb Marina, kitchen of the warehouse.

Magazine Location #85

Rocky Cave, Virgil’s Lab, on the broken bridge near Virgil’s terminal.

Magazine Location #86

Poseidon Energy, metal table near the Steamer Trunk.

Magazine Location #87

HalluciGen, Inc., first floor in the Weaponization Research lab.

Magazine Location #88

Mass Fusion Building, on the computer bank.

Magazine Location #89

General Atomics Factory, in the office on the upper floor.

Magazine Location #90

University Point, northern computer room at the top floor.

Magazine Location #91

Wildwood Cemetery, under the tree.

Magazine Location #92

Wattz Comsumer Electronics, basement server room.

Magazine Location #92

The Shamrock Tahouse, held by a female mannquin.

Magazine Location #93

Malden Center, inside one of the cargo carriages, Raider Camp.

Magazine Location #94

Poseiden Energy Turbine, control room in the northwest corner.

Magazine Location #95

Easy City Downs, in the commentator’s area to the southwest side of the race track.

Magazine Location #96

West Roxbury Station, inside the locker on the eastern platform maintenance room.

Magazine Location #97

Fens Street Sewer, near the holotape on the metal drawers in the cell area.

Magazine Location #98

USAF Satellite Station Olivia, in the computer room locked by a terminal.

Magazine Location #99

Lexington: Switchboard, insdie the executive office.

Magazine Location #100

National Guard Training Yard, cafe of the Barracks.

Magazine Location #101

Revere Satellite Array, insdie the shanty hut.

Magazine Location #102

Federal Ration Stockpile, in Red Tourette’s base, on the main table.

Magazine Location #103

Fort Hegan, side table inside the command center.

Magazine Location #104

Libertalia, red table insdie the main shanty ship.

Magazine Location #105

Fort Strong, General Brock’s desk, southwest corner.

Magazine Location #106

Abandoned Shack, on the light blue metal computer bank on the Federal Survival Center.

Magazine Location #107

USS Contituation, on a table inside Captain’s cabin.

Magazine Location #108

Westing Estate, shack closest to the river.

Magazine Location #109

Shaw High School, Library office on the lower floor, near the Steamer Trunk.

Magazine Location #110

Suffolk Country Charter School, upper floor library.

Magazine Location #111

Hubris Comics, on the shop counter in front of the monkey.

Magazine Location #112

D.B. Techinical High School, basement level, on the table above a Fat Man.

Magazine Location #113

Ranger Cabin, sideboard table in the cabin.

Magazine Location #114

Gorski Cabin, underground bunker, near the journal terminal.

Magazine Location #115

Sunshine Tidings Co-op, locked cabin near the silos.

Magazine Location #116

Lynn Woods, on the sleeping bag in the main shack.

Magazine Location #117

Old Gullet Sinkhole, inside the sinkhole on the concrete block.

Magazine Location #118

Crater House, on the table in the lower floor of the a stilt shack, wester side of the crater.

Magazine Location #119

Nahant Oceanological Society, metal desk in the entrance room area.

Magazine Location #120

Egret Tours Marina, corner of the diner and coolant recharge station.

Magazine Location #121

Wreck of the USS Riptide, on a table inside the ship, under the bridge.

And that’s all the Magazine locations you can visit in Fallout 4. If you need more assistance, check Bobblehead locations, strength perks, unique apparel, alcohol, Luck perks, Legendary armor effects, Legendary weapons effects, Intelligence perks.