Luck Perks in Fallout 4 affect your crit recharge speed and what kind of loot you get. The more perk points you invest in Luck the better your chances of getting rare items in Fallout 4. You will also get a better chance of landing a crit that deals more damage to enemies.


Fallout 4 Luck Perks

In total, there are 10 Luck perks in Fallout 4. Here’s the complete list of Fallout 4 Luck Perks:

  1. Fortune Finder
  2. Scrounger
  3. Bloody Mess
  4. Mysterious Stranger
  5. Idiot Savant
  6. Better Criticals
  7. Critical Banker
  8. Grim Reaper’s Sprint
  9. Four Leaf Clover
  10. Ricochet

Fortune Finder

The main currency used in Fallout 4 is bottle caps. You pick these up from corpses and earn them by completing the main and side quest. You can increase the number of caps you earn in Fallout 4 by investing perk points in the Fortune Finder perk.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  LCK 1  Get more caps from containers. 
2  Level 5, LCK 1  Get even more caps from containers. 
3  Level 25, LCK 1  Get even more caps from containers. 
4  Level 40, LCK 1  Find even more caps in containers and get a chance of enemies exploding in a shower of caps. 


When in firefights you will often run out of ammo. Ammunition is a limited resource in Fallout 4 but you can get more ammo from the container if you invest in the Scrounger perk.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  LCK 2  Get more ammo from containers. 
2  Level 7, LCK 2  Get even more ammo from containers. 
3  Level 24, LCK 2  Get even more ammo from containers. 
4  Level 37, LCK 2  Get even more ammo from containers. 

Bloody Mess

If you are looking to make a mess during combat, invest perk points in Bloody Mess. Enemies have a chance of exploding and your base damage goes up in Fallout 4.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  LCK 3  +5% chance ofbonus damage to make enemies explode. 
2  Level 9, LCK 3  +10% damage in combat. 
3  Level 31, LCK 3  +15% damage in combat. 
4  Level 47, LCK 3  When the enemy explodes they may cause damage to enemies standing nearby. 

Mysterious Stranger

Sometimes you need help in firefights. By investing your perk points in Mysterious Stranger you can get help from a mysterious stranger in Fallout 4.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  LCK 4  Mysterious Stranger will come to your aid in VATS sometimes. 
2  Level 22, LCK 4  Mysterious Stranger appears more often. 
3  Level 41, LCK 4  Mysterious Stranger appears more often when he kills there is a chance your crit meter fills. 

Idiot Savant

If you haven’t invested many perk points, invest them in Idiot Savant to get XP for random actions in Fallout 4. The less Intelligence you have the more you get out of Idiot Savant.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  LCK 5  Get 3x XP for any action randomly. Lower Intelligence gives you a better chance. 
2  Level 11, LCK 5  Get 5x XP for any action randomlyLower Intelligence gives you a better chance. 
3  Level 34, LCK 5  Randomly gets bonus XP for any action that may trigger 3x XP for kills for a short time.

Better Criticals

If your Luck is high enough you can land a ton of crits and if you invest your perk points in the Better Criticals perk, you can do more damage with each critical hit.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  LCK 6  +50% extra crit damage. 
2  Level 15, LCK 6  2x extra crit damage. 
3  Level 40, LCK 6  2.5x extra crit damage. 

Critical Banker

In addition to increasing your crit chance and damage, you get the ability to save your critical hit for VATS. Invest in Critical Banker to be able to save your critical hits for VATS.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  LCK 7  Save a crit to be used in VATS later. 
2  Level 17, LCK 7  Save 2 crits to be used in VATS later. 
3  Level 43, LCK 7  Save 3 crits to be used in VATS later. Bank a crit for a chance to save an additional crit. 
4  Level 59, LCK 7  Save 4 crits to be used in VATS later. 

Grim Reaper’s Sprint

One of the best Luck perks in Grim Reaper’s Sprint. It gives you a chance to restore all Action Points for any kill in VATS.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  LCK 8  +15% chance to restore all Action Points for any kill in VATS. 
2  Level 19, LCK 8  +25% chance to restore all Action Points for any kill in VATS. 
3  Level 46, LCK 8  +35% chance to restore all Action Points for any kill in VATS. 

Four Leaf Clover

Investing in Four Leaf Clover means you get a chance to fill your crit meter on each hit in VATS.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  LCK 9  Hits in VATS have a chance of filling crit meter. 
2  Level 13, LCK 9  Hits in VATS have a better chance of filling crit meter. 
3  Level 32, LCK 9  Hits in VATS have an even better chance of filling crit meter. 
4  Level 48, LCK 9  Hits in VATS have an excellent chance of filling crit meter. 


Ricochet is a great offensive perk in Fallout 4. It allows you to Ricochet ranged attacks back at the enemy, instantly killing them.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  LCK 10  Ranged attacks from enemies have a chance to ricochet back at them for an instant kill. 
2  Level 29, LCK 10  An increased chance of ricochet. 
3  Level 50, LCK 10  When an enemy shot ricochets and kills themyou get a chance to refill your crit meter. 

Best Luck Perks

The best Luck perks in Fallout 4 depend on the type of character build you want. However, there are some general tips I can provide you here. Invest in perks that boost your crit chance, and crit damage. Also, Ricochet is a great Luck perk to invest it.

And that’s all the details you need to know about Luck Perks in Fallout 4. Need more help? Check out Unique Apparel, Alcohol, Legendary armor effects, Legendary weapon effects, Strength perks, Endurance perks, Charisma perks, Intelligence perks, Agility perks, Super Mutant Apparel locations.