Jewel of the Commonwealth is the third main quest in Act I. Your objective is to visit Diamond City and get more information about Shaun and reach Valentine’s Detective Agency. Below you will find a complete walkthrough of Fallout 4 Jewel of the Commonwealth.


Fallout 4 Jewel of the Commonwealth Walkthrough

Diamond City is your best chance of getting more information about Shaun. You need to take a long walk, Southwest of the Sanctuary to reach Diamond City. When you cross the bridge to reach the remains of the city, keep your eyes on signs that point to Diamond City.

At the entrance of the city, you will meet Piper, a reporter for Diamond City. She will explain a way to fool the guard into letting you inside the city. Speak with Mayor McDonough at the entrance and take his opinion about Piper before going to the Diamond City Market area.

Tip: You can use Charisma to chat to the mayor about his situation with Piper.

In the market area, you will meet a few friendly people willing to give you the information you need. You can talk to the following people:

  • Pastor Clements of the All Faiths Chapel
  • Danny Sullivan the gate Guard
  • Nat, Piper’s sister selling copies of Public Occurrences
  • John the barber
  • Artuo the weapons merchant
  • Moe Cronin
  • Owner of the Valentine Detective Agency

Tip: Having options is always the best way to go, you can locate the township of Goodneighbor and speak with Irma at the Memory Den. She might be able to help you.

Collectibles and Side Activities

Speak with Moe at Swatters and complete some side tasks for him to earn yourself some caps. You can also go to the Commonwealth Weaponry and Diamond City Surplus to purchase a Big Boy and the Old Faithful. Meanwhile, chems and health items are available at Chem-I-Care.

Visit the Detective

Once you are done playing around in the city, visit the Valentine Detective Agency and you’ll know that Nick Valentine, the lead detective is missing. Speak with Ellie Perks and agree to help her find Nick.

Tip: With a high enough Charisma you can get some caps out of Ellie Perkins.

That’s the end of our complete walkthrough of Fallout 4 Jewel of the Commonwealth quest. Need more assistance? See Out of Time walkthrough, War Never Changes walkthrough, Nuka World side quests, Unique Items locations, Power Armor frames locations, Charisma perks, Endurance perks, Intelligence perks, Strength perks, Unique Weapons locations.