Fallout 4 Intelligence Perks Guide: Best Perks, Stats

Fallout 4 Intelligence Perks

Intelligence is among the most important perks in Fallout 4. As a Fallout 4 player, you need to pay special attention to the Intelligence perks line-up if you wish to boost your overall mental acuity and affect the number of Experience Points earned. Intelligence also gives you the right knowledge to hack your way into the most secret areas in The Commonwealth.

There are some really hard to break into areas, usually, they require you to hack a terminal or security door and that’s where Fallout 4 Intelligence Perks come in handly, among other things of course.

Fallout 4 Intelligence Perks

There are 10 different Intelligence Perks in Fallout 4, here’s the complete list.

  1. VANS
  2. Medic
  3. Gun Nut
  4. Hacker
  5. Scrapper
  6. Science
  7. Chemist
  8. Robotics Expert
  9. Nuclear Physicist
  10. Nerd Rage


Sometimes finding the shortest path to your quest marker is hard. But worry not, with the VANS perk you can reveal the path to your closest quest target in VATS.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  INT 1  The path to your closest quest objective is shown in VATS 


Using the Medic perk and its upgrades you can enhance your workshop settlements. You can build a first aid station, clinic, surgery center, and more. Also, your health items restore more health.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  INT 2 40% HP restored by Stimpacks, 40% radiation cured by RawAway. 
2  Level 18, INT 2  46% HP restored by Stimpacks, 60% radiation cured by RawAway. 
3  Level 30, INT 2  80% HP restored by Stimpacks, 80% radiation cured by RawAway. 
4  Level 49, INT 2  Stempacks and RadAway restore 100% of lost HP and radiation respectively. 

Gun Nut

The Gun Nut perks also enhance your Workshop Settlements. You can build Heavy Machine Gun Turret, Shotgun Turret, and Missle Turret.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  INT 3  Access base and Rank 1 gun mods. 
2  Level 13, INT 3  Access to Rank 2 gun mods. 
3  Level 25, INT 3  Access to Rank 3 gun mods. 
4  Level 39, INT 3  Access to Rank 4 gun mods. 


As the name suggests, the Hacker Intelligence perk lets you hack the most advanced security doors and terminal in Fallout 4. The more perk points you invest in Hacker perks, the better your hacking skills get.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  INT 4  Hack Advanced Terminals. 
2  Level 9, INT 4  Hack Expert Terminals. 
3  Level 21, INT 4  Hack Master Terminals. 
4  Level 33, INT 4  When hacking you’ll never get locked out of a terminal if you fail. 


Investing perk points in the Scrapper perk and its upgrades you can salvage uncommon and rare components when scrapping weapons and armor.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  INT 5  Salvage uncommon components from weapons and armor. 
2  Level23, INT 5  Salvage rare components from weapons and armor. 
3  Level 40, INT 5  Get additional items from Salvaging. 


Through Science perk and ts upgrades, you can enhance workshop settlements. You can create a large generator, Laser tripwire, Strobe light, Laser turret, heavy laser turret, missile turret, water purifier – industrial.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  INT 6  Access to base and Rank 1 high-tech mods. 
2  Level 17, INT 6  Access to Rank 2 high-tech mods. 
3  Level 28, INT 6  Access to Rank 3 high-tech mods. 
4  Level 41, INT 6  Access to Rank 4 high-tech mods. 


Chems are a big part of Fallout 4’s gameplay design and sometimes, progression. Their effects are for a limited time only but you can boost that by investing in the Chemist perk and its upgrades.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  INT 7  Chems last 50% longer. 
2  Level 16, INT 7  Chems last twice as long. 
3  Level 32, INT 7  Chems last 150% longer. 
4  Level 45, INT 7  Chems last 200% longer. 

Robotics Expert

In addition to humans, creatures, and monsters you come across in Fallout 4, robots will try to kill you as well. Hostile robots are a big problem during some key quests and exploration portions of the game. However, you can actually hack robots to self-destruct or make them attack their buddies. Simply invest in the Robotics Expert perk to gain access to robot hacking skills in Fallout 4.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  INT 8  Hack a robot and get a chance to activate its self-destruct. 
2  Level 19, INT 8  Hack a robot and make it attack its buddies. 
3  Level 44, INT 8  Hack a robot and give it specific commands. 

Nuclear Physicist

Radiation weapons and fusion cores come in handy during many combat situations, especially during the end-game. By investing perk points in the Nuclear Physicist perk you can boost the effects of Radiation weapons and fusion cores.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  INT 9  +50% more damage with Radiationfusion cores last +25% longer. 
2  Level 14, INT 9  2x more damage with Radiationfusion cores last +50% longer. 
3  Level 26, INT 9  Fusion Cores can be removed from Power Armor to be used as a power full grenadeFusion Cores last 2x longer. 

Nerd Rage

Investing in Nerg Rage will give an interesting ability that allows you to slow down time when HP drops below 20%. You also get 20% damage resistance and +20% damage while the effect lasts.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  INT 10  When HP drops below 20%, time slows downyou get +20% damage resistance, +20% damage output. 
2  Level 31, INT 10  When HP drops below 20%, time slows downyou get +30% damage resistance, +30% damage output. 
3  Level 50, INT 10  When HP drops below 20%, time slows downyou get +40% damage resistance, +40% damage output. 

Best Intelligence Perks

The best Intelligence Perks depend on the time of build but there are some general tips I can provide. Go with the perks that boost your hacking abilities and allow you to enhance your workshop settlements. Nerd Rage is also a viable option for high-level areas.

And that’s all the Intelligence perks available in Fallout 4. Need more help? Visit Fallout 4 unique weapons, super mutant apparel locations, Power Armor Frames locations, Strength perks, Charisma perks, Endurance perks.

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