After you successfully find Nick Valentine in Unlikely Valentine, it is time to visit him at his Detective Agency. Nick Valentine will give you some more information about Shuan and a man named Kellogg who might be involved in his disappearance. Below is the complete walkthrough for Fallout 4 Getting a Clue walkthrough.


Fallout 4 Getting a Clue Walkthrough

Nick will point to a man named Kellogg who might know what happened to Shaun. Head over to Kellogg’s house in Diamond City and unlock the front door via the bobby pin (Master). You can also visit the mayor’s office and ask for the key. But getting the from the mayor’s office requires 250 caps bribe to Geneva. As you enter the house, explore and examine. You will eventually find a button under the desk that opens a secret door. Enter the secret room and investigate the area for clues. Now exit the house and meet with Dogmeat. Show him a cigar so he can pick up the scent. Nick Valentine will head back to his office but you can ask him to come with you.

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