Far Harbor is the less disappointing DLC for Fallout 4. It brings a ton of content including side quests, Nucleus quests, main quests, rewards, perks, and more. In this guide, we will primarily focus on Far Harbor Nucleus quests. Below is all the information you need to complete Fallout 4 Far Harbor Nucleus quests.


Fallout 4 Far Harbor Nucleus

There are 6 Nucleus quests in Far Harbor DLC:

  1. Visions in the Fog
  2. What Atom Requires
  3. The Heretic
  4. The Trial of Brother Devin
  5. Witch Hunt
  6. Ablutions

Visions in the Fog

Objectives: Drink from the spring, follow the figure, examine the Holy site, unlock the cache, get the Icon, speak with Grand Zealot.

How to Complete: Visit the Nucleus and speak with the Grand Zealot. Agree to join the Children of Atom. Go to the marked location and drink from the following water. You will see a figure appear, follow the figure to reach the shrine. Kill the Ghouls that lurk near the shrine and enter the small structure to find a Mother of Atom behind some security doors. Go to the Periodic Table on the wall and then examine the text scrawled on the locked to get the passcode. Take the Mother Icon back to the Grand Zealot.

What Atom Requires

Objectives: Assist the Children of Atom

How to Complete: When the side quests you get the objective to help the Grand Zealot and High Confessor. If you bring the Mother Icon to High Confessor Tektus to boost your goodwill. When you enter the Nucleus speak with the followers of Tektus after he is finished with the sermon. You can choose to help his followers to gain more goodwill with the Children of Atom.

The Heretic

Objectives: Speak with Zealot Theil, examine the Holy sites, examine the Campground, listen to the “Gwyneth’s Journal” holotape, examine to Church, confront or kill Gwyneth, speak with the Grand Zealot.

How to Complete: Speak with the Grand Zealot to get the side quest and then go and speak with Zealot Theil and visit the desecrated holy sites to investigate the situation, all locations are marked on the Pipboy. Take the Banner pieces from each site to reveal their place of origin. Go to the next marked location and continue looking for Sister Gwyneth. Investigate the Waketak Station and collect the holotape from the open cabin. Listen to the tape to find our Sister Gwyneth’s location. Go to the ruined Church and speak with Sister Gwyneth to find out her side of the story. You’ll have the choice of advising her to escape the Island or come back to join the cult. If you don’t want a peaceful solution, kill her and go back to inform the Grand Zealot.

The Trial of Brother Devin

Objectives: Speak with Zealot Ware, make Devin break his fast, speak with Zealot Ware, trick Devin, come back to Zealot Ware.

How to Complete: You need to trick Brother Devin into breaking his fast. You can use your persuasion power but if that doesn’t work, you can dress up in the Child of Atom Rags and Hood to trick him into breaking the fast.

Witch Hunt

Objectives: Read High Confessor’s Note, investigate, Sister Aubert’s Bunk, read Edgar’s Bunk, investigate Edgar and Aurbert’s Footlocker, read Aubert’s Note, report to the High Confessor.

How to Complete: Speak with High Confessor Tektus and read his note. Go to the engine room to find Sister Aubert. Speak with her to gauge her loyalty to the High Confessor. Now go past the bulkhead to the south to reach her bunk. Inside you will find a note from Edgar under her mattress. Read the note to find out information about a footlocker and a spare key in the Nucleus’ locker room. Recover the key and open the footlocker. Inside the footlocker, you will find the note that confirms her disloyalty to the High Confessor. You can tell the High Confessor know of the note you found in the footlocker to earn the Inquisitor’s Cowl. If not, you can give the note back to Sister Aubert and urge her to leave the Nucleus. You can also shake her down for some caps. Another way to finish this quest is convincing the High Confessor of Aubert’s loyalty and you will still get the Cowl.


Objectives: Talk to Sister Mai, get the Pump Regulator, give the Regulator to Mai, install the Regulator, test the system.

How to Complete: Speak with Sister Mai and help her get the Nucleus’s decontamination arch back online. Go to the Vim! Pop Factory to recover the Pump Regulator. With the item in hand, go back to Sister Mai and install the pump. Test the system to complete the side quest.

And that’s the complete list of Fallout 4 Far Harbor Nucleus quests. If you need more help, check out Nuka-World Radiant Quests, base components, Vault-Tech quests, Magazine Locations, Luck Perks, Bobblehead Locations.