Fallout 4 Endurance Perks Guide: Best Perks, Stats

Fallout 4 Endurance Perks, Fallout 4 Legendary Armor Effects Guide

One of the Fallout 4 perks you can invest in is Endurance. This perk type is a measure of overall physical fitness. Endurance affects your health pool and how many Action Points are drained while sprinting. Health is basically the amount of damage you can take which means a higher health pool is better. Moreover, you can reduce the cost of APs while sprinting by investing in Endurance perks. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know about Endurance perks in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Endurance Perks

In total, there are 10 Endurance perks you can invest your perk points to.

  1. Toughness
  2. Lead Belly
  3. Life-Giver
  4. Chem Resistant
  5. Aquaboy / Aquagirl
  6. Rad Resistant
  7. Adamantium Skeleton
  8. Cannibal
  9. Ghoulish
  10. Solar Powered


Toughness perk is basically your character’s ability to absorb damage. You can take a beating and come out of it alive. Invest in the Toughness Endurance Perks to boost your damage resistance in Fallout 4.

Rank   Requirements  Effects 
1  END 1  +10 damage resistance. 
2  Level 9, END 1  +20 damage resistance. 
3  Level 18, End 1  +30 damage resistance. 
4  Level 31, END 1  +40 damage resistance. 
5  Level 46, END 1  +50 damage resistance. 

Lead Belly

The open world of Fallout 4 is harsh and full of radiation. Everything you eat and drink has a chance of giving you radiation sickness. However, investing Perk Points into Lead Belly Perks will reduce the amount of radiation you take from food and drinks.

Rank   Requirements  Effects 
1  END 2 Take less radiation from food and drinks. 
2  Level 6, END 2 Take even less radiation from food and drinks. 
3  Level 17, End 2 Take no radiation from food and drinks. 

Life Giver

You are the pinnacle of health and you get an instant health increase from the Life-Giver perk. There no downside of side effects to this so invest as many points as you can here. If you need extra health you now know where to go.

Rank   Requirements  Effects 
1  END 3 Get +20 Max Health. 
2  Level 8, END 3 Get +20 Max Health. 
3  Level 20, End 3 Get +20 Max Health and health regeneration ability. 

Chem Resistant

Consuming chems has its pros and cons but we can all agree we have a real danger to getting addicted to chems in Fallout 4. To counter the possibility to chem addiction invest your perk points toward Chem Resistant perk and freely use et, Psycho, or Buffout.

Rank   Requirements  Effects 
1  END 4 50 less likely to get addicted. 
2  Level 22, END 4 Complete immunity to addiction. 

Aquaboy / Aquagirl

There is plenty of water in ponds and rivers inside The Commonwealth. They can often help you make shortcuts or create a stealthy path to your enemy. However, you get radiation from swimming, and to counter this, invest your perk points in Aquaboy / Aquagirl.

Rank   Requirements  Effects 
1  END 5  No radiation damage from swimming and can breathe underwater. 
2  Level 21, END 5  When underwater you’re undetectable. 

Rad Resistant

Radiation is a bit problem in Fallout 4 especially when you are trying to access areas that have high levels of it. You can counter radiation by boosting your radiation resistance through the Rad Resistant perk in Fallout 4.

Rank   Requirements  Effects 
1  END 6  +10 radiation resistance. 
2  Level 13, END 6  +20 radiation resistance. 
3  Level 26, END 6  +30 radiation resistance. 
4  Level 35, END 6  +40 radiation resistance. 

Adamantium Skeleton

You can cause some serious limb damage to enemies but they can do that to you as well. You can protect yourself by investing perk points into the Adamantium Skeleton to reduce limb damage.

Rank   Requirements  Effects 
1  END 7  -30% limb damage. 
2  Level 13, END 7  -60% limb damage. 
3  Level 26, END 7  Immune to limb damage. 


This is one of the most unusual perks in any game, ever! You can actually eat human flesh to heal yourself in Fallout 4. To do this you must unlock the Cannibal perk but make sure not to do this in front of people, even your companions.

Rank   Requirements Effects
1 END 8 Eat human corpses to restore health.
2 Level 19, END 8 Eat Ghoul or Super Mutants to health yourself.
3 Level 38, END 8 Eat humansGhouls, Super Mutants to restore a large amount of health.


Did you know that you can turn radiation damage into radiation healing in Fallout 4? Invest perk points into Ghoulish to unlock the ability to restore lost health by standing in radiation.

Rank   Requirements  Effects 
1  END 9  Radiation restores lost health. 
2  Level 24, END 9  Radiation restores even more health. 
3  Level 48, END 9  Radiation restores even more health, and Feral Ghouls have a chance of becoming friendly. 

Solar Powered

During the day, you can become even more powerful by gaining additional Endurance and Strength. Between 6AM to 6PM you can get additional Strength and Endurance. Combine this with extra Perception between 6PM and 6AM to create a strong build.

Rank   Requirements  Effects 
1  END 10  +2 Strength and Endurance between 6AM to 6PM. 
2  Level 27, END 10  Sunlight heals radiation damage. 
3  Level 50, END 10  Sunlight restores lost health. 

Best Endurance Perks

The best perks will always depend on the type of builds you are using but there are some general tips I can provide. Invest in perks that heal radiation such as Solar Powered and Ghoulish. Adamantium Skeleton is also one of the best Endurance perks.

And that’s the complete list of Endurance Perks available in Fallout 4. Need more help? Check out Strength perks, Super Mutant Apparel, how to cure exhaustion, unique armor locations Fallout 4 Unique Armor Locations Guide, Power Armor Frames locations, Charisma Perks.

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