There are a bunch of Radiant quests in Fallout 4. For each faction you can complete Radiant quests in addition to main and side quests. Same is the case with Brotherhood of Steel. In this guide, we will give you a complete rundown on how to complete all Brotherhood of Steel Radiant quests in Fallout 4.


Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel Radiant Quests Walkthrough

In total, there are 5 Brotherhood of Steel Radiant quests:

  1. Cleansing the Commonwealth
  2. Quartermastery
  3. Leading by Example
  4. Learning the Curve
  5. Feeding the Troops

Cleansing the Commonwealth

Objectives: Clear the area, speak with Knight Rhys.

How to Complete: Rhys will send you to a random location clear. Go to the marked location and kill all enemies. Report back to Knight Rhys to complete the quest.


Objectives: Recover the item, speak with Scribe Haylen.

How to Complete: Speak with Scribe Haylen and go to the marked location. Clear the enemies and get the tech item. Report back to Scribe Haylen to complete the quest.

Leading by Example

Objectives: Talk to Brotherhood Squire, clear the marked area with the Squire, talk to Brotherhood Squire, talk to Lancer-Captain Kells.

How to Complete: Lancer-Captain Kells and agree to help train the Brotherhood Squires. Meet the Squire at the airport to get more information about this Radiant quests. Go to the marked location and kill all enemies. Now speak with the Squire to complete the quest.

Learning Curve

Objectives: Talk to the Brotherhood of Scribe, escort and protect the Scribe, report back to Proctor Quinlan.

How to Complete: Speak with Proctor Quinlan and agree to escort the Brotherhood Scribe. Complete Brotherhood of Steel Tour Duty quest first. Head to the Scribe’s location and escor the petrol. Kill the attackers and make sure the Scribe isn’t dead.

Feeding the Troops

Objectives: Secure the crops, report to Proctor Teagan.

How to Complete: After you finish Brotherhood of the Steel quest: Tour of Duty, agree to help Teagan with some more work. Go to the Commomwealth farm and secure the crops. Persuade them by any means. Speak with the settler and purchase the crops for 1000 caps, or kill the Settlers and take over the settlement. You can grow the crops yourself. Return to Proctor Teagan.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to complete all Brotherhood of Steel Radiant quests in Fallout 4. Need more help? See Far Harbor Acadia quests, Far Harbor Nucleus quests, Nuka World Radiant quests, Nuka World side quests, Vault-Tech quests, Power Armor Frames locations, Unique armor locations.

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