Fallout 4 has factions with each faction having its own side quests, radiant quests, and other activities. The Brotherhood Of Steel is one of the factions in the game. In this Fallout 4 guide, we will help players with the walkthrough of all of the Brotherhood Of Steel side quests.


Brotherhood of Steel Quests Walkthrough

Brotherhood Of Steel is one of the factions in the game which players can align themselves with if they want. However, the more Brotherhood of Steel activities you take part in, the more your relationship with other factions will be negatively impacted. The following are the Brotherhood of Steel side quests that players will encounter in Fallout 4.


As players emerge from Fort Hagen for the first time, they’ll see a Brotherhood of Steel airship pass. Players can either go to the Boston Airport and talk to any Brotherhood soldier who’ll point them towards Cambridge Police Station or, players can go directly to Cambridge Police Station.

Kill the Ghouls at the entrance and once the area is clear, complete the objective for the Fire Support Brotherhood of Steel quest from this point forward.

Fire Support

Go to the Cambridge Police Station and kill all of the Ghouls that you encounter. Once that is done, talk to Paladin Danse who is the Commander. Agree to help him.

Call to Arms

Follow Danse to ArcJet Systems to grab the Deep Range Transmitter. Go to the ArcJet Systems and Danse will be dismayed at the presence of Institute synths. Go to the lab analysis room and use the lab analyst’s terminal to receive the lab control terminal password. Use the control terminal and open the door and go to the second floor.

When players get there, they will have to fight through the turret-lined hallway or go to the office nearby and use the terminal to disable them. Follow Danse into the elevator and go to the ArcJet Engine Core.

Players need to get to the top of the engine core but first, they have to restore power to the elevator. Go to the auxiliary generators and hack the facilities terminal. Start the auxiliary generators and then help Danse or players can press the Engine Start button and kill all synths. Go to the elevator and ascend.

Fight your way to the Control room and secure the Deep Range Transmitter from one of the destroyed synths. Leave the facility through the control room elevator. Speak to the Paladin and hand over the Deep Range Transmitter.

Semper Invicta

Once players join the Brotherhood of Steel, Paladin Danse will ask players to the Cambridge Police Station. Once there, players will be introduced to the faction. If players are joining before completing Main Quest: Act II, then they’ll be inducted as an Initiate. If players have started the main quest or completed it, they’ll be inducted as a Knight and the Shadow of Steel side quest will begin.

Shadow of Steel

Player’s Pip-Boy will receive a transmission after a Brotherhood of Steel airship pass overhead. Listen to the instructions and go to the Cambridge Police Station and follow Paladin Danse to the roof. Man the minigun and start shooting at Raider settlements. Once the Prydwen disembarks, talk to Lancer-Captain Kells.

Attend the address of Elder Maxson and then talk to Maxson. Maxson will promote players to the rank of Knight. This concludes the Brotherhood of Steel quest.

Tour of Duty

The objective of this Brotherhood of Steel quest is to talk to the crew of Prydwen. Players will find Proctor Ingram near the Power Armor Stations. Then go to Proctor Teagan at the supply store and talk to him. This will unlock the Feeding the Troops Radiant quest. Then talk to Proctor Quinlan at his office. This concludes the quest.

Show No Mercy

Meet Elder Maxson on the flight deck of Prydwen. The objective of this quest is to go to Fort Strong and clear the area of Super Mutants. Man the minigun on the Vertibird and start shooting Super Mutants outside Fort Strong. Disembark and then eliminate all remaining Super Mutants and enter the Fort Strong Armory and kill more Super Mutants. Talk to Paladin Danse before returning to Prydwen. Talk to Elder Maxson on Prydwen and this concludes the quest.

From Within

Elder Maxson will ask players to talk to Doctor Madison Li at the Institute and convince her to work on a project for Brotherhood of Steel. Find her in the Institute and talk to her. If players have enough Charisma, they can ask her if she’s happy and complete a series of tasks for her to convince her.

Alternatively, players have to find evidence about Virgil’s disappearance from his lab. The lab is in the sealed section of the BioSciences Division. Unlock the FEV lab door but be careful as there will be automated turret security, synths, and an Assaultron. Find the Holotape in the lab and bring it back to Doctor Madison Li. Return to Prydwen and report to Elder Maxson.

Outside The Wire

The objective of this Brotherhood of Steel quest is to go to the Institute and steal data from one of their terminals using Network Scanner Holotape provided by Proctor Ingram. Go to the Institute and access the terminal at the relay area and entrance. Insert the Holotape and remove the data. Return to Proctor Ingram.

Liberty Reprimed

Another one of Brotherhood Of Steel quests. Go to the Boston Airport and a massive war machine requires reconstruction. There are two ways this quest can go depending on the results of the “From Within” Brotherhood of Steel quest. Path 1 happens if players fail to convince Doctor Madison Li or kill her. Path 2 happens if players succeed.

Path 1
Proctor Ingram will ask players to find Professor Scara in Diamond City and will also give them Cerebrofusion Adaptor. Go to the Science Center Diamond City Market. Talk to Doctor Duff and she’ll tell players that she hasn’t seen her Scara for over a week. Agree to help her and go to General Atomics Galleria and then go inside the Back Alley Bowling building where players will find Scara. Convince Scara using the Cerebrofusion Adaptor or using Charm
Path 2
If players were successful in convincing Doctor Madison Li, talk to her on the Prydwen at the main deck. After the conversation, she’ll be convinced to help.

Proctor Ingram then will hand over a list to the player so the Proctor can make electromagnetic actuators. The components required are located in Boston Airport’s workshop except for the high-powered magnet. Go to the marked location and open the chest to get the high-powered magnet. Players can also buy the high-powered magnet from vendors.

Go back to the Boston Airport and access the workshop and open the Special menu. Build the four electromagnetic actuators and players need the following components.

Circuitry (5)
Screw (1)
Steel (10)
Fiber Optics (3)
Rubber (5)
High-Powered Magnet (1)

Once crafted, talk to Proctor Ingram and players need to acquire Mark 28 Nuclear Bomb packs for the weapons system. Talk to Scribe Haylen at the marked location and players will be given a distress pulser to pinpoint the location of the nukes once players find them so that Haylen’s team will extract the nukes.

Go southwest into the Glowing Sea and enter the Sentinel Site Prescott. Get to the terminal at the base of the structure and stop the launch sequence. Blast doors will open, open the adjacent blast door go through the cylindrical and concrete tunnels.

Players will encounter Brother Henri and Atom’s Wrath at the warehouse control room. Kill them or use your charm and food them into thinking you revere the Children of the Atom cult. If you kill them, then take the password from Henri’s corpse. Unlock the terminal and open the doors. Go back to Proctor Ingram and report to her and take your reward.

Blind Betrayal

Go to Prydwen and talk to Elder Maxson, he has a new mission for you. The objective is to find Paladin Danse and clear the confusion. Proctor Quinlan has a way to track him. After that, talk to Scribe Haylen. Go to northern Commonwealth wilderness and locate Listening Post Bravo. Go to the elevator but be careful of the turrets. There is a small Protectron presence and Paladin Danse is close. From here, players have two options.

The first option is to kill Paladin Danse as soon as you see him or if your persuasion fails using a threatening tone, follow his last orders and bring his Dog Tag to Elder Maxson and you become the Paladin.

The second option is to speak to him with friendly answers and reduce to kill him. When given the option, use persuasion and it’ll succeed. Then leave Listening Post Bravo and you’ll be interrupted. Here players can agree to the person and kill Paladin Danse or convince them to leave him alive. Then return to Prydwen and inform Elder Maxson. Players will receive the rank of Paladin.

Tactical Thinking

This Brotherhood of Steel quest will get you kicked out of the Railroad faction. So before you talk to Kells, complete any remaining activities relating to the Railroad faction. Go talk to Lancer-Captain Kells and agree to his orders and go to the Old North Church. Players have a kill list so start checking it off.

Once that is done, return and report to Lancer-Captain Kells. If players reprogrammed PAM, it’ll be transported to Prydwen. if destroyed, then there will be some disappointment.

Spoils of War

Talk to Proctor Ingram and agree to find Beryllium Agitator from Mass Fusion. Players can either do this quest for Brotherhood of Steel or go to The Institute and change their loyalty.

Players will drop on the roof of the building and they have to eliminate all threats. Then go to the second level and take the Mass Fusion Executive Lab Password and Mass Fusion Executive ID from the balcony desk.

Access the Executive Research Lab terminal and players can find the password from personal intramails. Now players need to power the elevator and go to the basement. Once that is done, use the Executive ID and ride the elevator down. Once the elevator stops, locate the circuit breaker and flip it to power the elevator. Use the elevator and go to the lobby. There will be enemies here. take them out and look or the service elevator and use it by swiping the ID card.

Once decontamination is done, go into the reactor chamber and press the interlock release and activate the agitator receptacle. Grab the Beryllium Agitator and the facility defenses will activate. Use the ID card to open the main door and defeat enemies along the way. Exit through the lobby and go to Boston Airport and talk to Proctor Ingram.

Ad Victoriam

Another one of Brotherhood of Steel quests. In this quest, talk to Proctor Ingram and then ascend the scaffolding and insert the Agitator in the war machine’s reactor port. Then go to the gantry computer and press the button to transfer power. After that, escort the Liberty Prime through the streets of Boston and eliminate any synths you find and continue until you reach C.I.T. ruins. Kill more synths here and then the war machine will make a hole for you. Drop into it.

The Nuclear Option

This Brotherhood of Steel quest in Fallout 4 starts immediately after Ad Victoriam. Go through the Old Robotics area and expect synths and laser turrets. Go to the hatch and drop through it to enter the Institute BioScience laboratory. Go to the reactor entrance but the blast door is activated.

Go to the central elevator and press the button and enter Father’s quarters to get the override password from him. Use the password to activate the Master Security Lockdown Override.

Get to the Institute Advanced Systems and then to the reactor chamber. Expect enemies here. Get to the reactor door and activate the reactor housing. Then Proctor Ingram will teleport players to the Institute relay control room. Speak with Elder Maxson but Ingram will interrupt about an unexpected guest.

layers can either take him under their wing or tell Proctor Ingram that the child will remain here. Players will then teleport to the roof of the Mass Fusion building and here they’ll finish the quest.

A New Dawn

Speak with Elder Maxson at Prydwen. Players are granted the rank of Sentinel and a jetpack is awarded. From this point forward, Brotherhood of Steel Radiant Quests will become available.

That is all for our Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel Quests Walkthrough Guide. For more on the game, also see The Institute Quests Walkthrough Guide and Nuka-World Radiant Quests Guide.

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