The Battle of Bunker Hill is a gripping quest in Fallout 4 that requires players to make decisive choices concerning their loyalty to various in-game factions. Here’s a detailed guide on how to navigate this quest:


Father assigns you a task to recover the synths that have escaped and taken refuge at Bunker Hill. Before heading into battle, it’s advisable to stock up on supplies and ammunition, preferably from the Institute’s synth equipment vendor.

Factions and Loyalties

Your actions during this quest largely depend on your alliance with the game’s factions:

  • The Institute: Follow their directive by rendezvousing with a Courser in the narrow alleys of Charleston and executing the quest as instructed.
  • Brotherhood of Steel: Their primary goal is to destroy the synths. During this battle, your adversaries will be a mix of Institute and Railroad forces.
  • Railroad: They want you to free the trapped synths. Expect resistance from both Institute and Brotherhood of Steel forces.
  • Minutemen: This faction doesn’t have a direct stake in this battle. However, once the quest is completed, Bunker Hill becomes a potential settlement you can develop.

Note: Even if you’re not loyal to the Institute, the Institute Quest: Mankind—Redefined will still be available post this mission.

Helpful Hint from Vault Boy: In the wasteland, it can be challenging to know who to trust. It’s a personal call, but mingling with different faction leaders before making any decisions is advised. If you’re comfortable with a faction’s orders, you’ll likely make some steadfast allies.

The Bonanza at Bunker Hill

If you’re allied with the Institute, your rendezvous with Courser X4-18 will provide you with synth recall codes. For those with high charisma, you can request Synth Beacon Grenades. These are potent tools, summoning teleporting synths to aid you in battle.

Synth Extraction and Engagement

Your interaction with the synths is influenced by your faction alignment:

  • Work with the Courser: Engage in an intense firefight against your chosen adversaries and move forward into the stronghold to find the utility basement trapdoor.
  • Inside the Stronghold: Expect resistance in the form of machine-gun turrets and hostile forces. The synths are located in a subterranean living quarter. Your interaction with them depends on your faction loyalties:
    • Institute: Reset the synths.
    • Brotherhood of Steel: Eliminate the synths.
    • Railroad: Free the synths.

Once you’ve made your decision, you can gather Caps if prompted. Extract yourself from Bunker Hill and make your way to the C.I.T. Ruins to the north of the river. Be prepared for an intense fight as synths confront a Super Mutant position within the structure. Your ultimate goal is to reach the roof and have a crucial conversation with Father.

Quick Access to the Roof: For players wanting to avoid the ground-level skirmishes, you can directly use the stairwell on the eastern side to reach the roof.