Fallout 4 is an incredible RPG and offers a lot of gameplay choices. Crafting is one of the gameplay features in Fallout 4. Players need resources and components to craft something and a lot of junk items in the game can be used as base components for crafting. In this Fallout 4 guide, we will help players with junk items that can be used as base components to craft chems, explosives, mods, and more.


Fallout 4 Junk Base Components

There are a lot of junk items in Fallout 4 that can be used as base components to craft explosives, mods, chemicals, and more. Junk is found on dead enemies, stashed in containers, and scattered throughout the game. Junk can be sold for caps but, junk like Oil, spring, screw, aluminum, and more are quite useful as players need them to craft items and devices.

The following are all of the junk items in the game that players can use as base components along with their rarity and what players can craft using them.

Junk Base Component Rarity Description
Acid Rare Acid can be used to crast chems, explosives, cutting fluid at chemistry stations.
Adhesive Special This base component can be used to craft a variety of things like mods, explosives, and workshop items. Salvaging Adhesive is impossible even with the Scrapper perk.
Aluminum Uncommon Aluminum is not just a base component, it’s an essential component for crafting complicated devices. It’s can be used to craft ballistic weapon mods, Power Armor mods, explosives, turrets, and generators. So players need all the Aluminum they can get.
Antiseptic Rare This junk item is used to craft medicinal mods and chems.
Asbestos Rare While Asbestos is used to craft mods and chems but, it’s main use is to boost an Item’s energy resistance.
Ballistic Fiber Rare This base component is used to craft armor mods especially the ballistic weave mods which is used to reinforce lightweight apparel items.
Bone Common This is used to craft specialty items like Raider armor mods and cutting fluid.
Ceramic Common Ceramic is important to craft most power-related items like radio recruitment beacons, small generators, and switches.
Circuitry Rare Circuitry is used to craft high-tech devices like advanced mods, turrets. It’s also needed to craft some explosives and chems.
Cloth Common Cloth is primarily required to craft armor modification and furniture production.
Concrete Common This item is used to craft shack foundations and water pumps.
Copper Uncommon Copper is an important component to craft most electronic devices like generators, switches, lights, and advanced mods. It’s also used to craft low-tech devices.
Cork Uncommon This item is primarily used to craft weight-reducing armor mods.
Crystal Rare Crystal is used for most laser-based devices like laser tripwires, heavy laser turrets, and many laser gun mods. Crystal is also required to craft advanced scopes.
Fertilizer Uncommon Fertilizer is required to craft chems and explosives at chemistry stations.
Fiber-Optics Rare This component is required to craft high-tech mods and devices like laser-based weapons and switches. It’s also required for crafting other items.
Fiberglass Uncommon Fiberglass is used to craft a lot of weapons, armor, and Power Armor mods.Power Armor mods specifically require a lot of it. This component is also required some explosives and workshop items.
Gear Uncommon Gear is a component that is required to craft common items to high-level items. Any device that has moving parts requires Gear to craft.
Glass Uncommon While used in a number of recipes, the main use for Glass is crafting lights, scopes, syringes, and laser-based weapon mods.
Gold Rare This rare component is used to craft high-tech mods and devices. However, Gold is an important component to craft laser weapons.
Lead Uncommon Lead is mostly used in apparel items to provide protection from radiation.
Leather Common Mostly used to craft mods at armor workbenches.
Nuclear Material Rare This base component is used to craft mods, explosives, and workshop items. Most items that require nuclear materials are quite advanced but some simple sights also require this material.
Oil Special Oil is mostly used for devices with moving parts like gun mods, turrets, and water purifiers. But, it’s also used to craft armor mods and explosives.
Plastic Common Almost everything that needs crafting requires Plastic. The most prominent use for this component is to craft furniture or modify armor and energy weapons.
Rubber Common This one is an essential part of many items. Rubber provides insulation for mechanical devices like generators and pylons and adds flexibility to weapons and armor.
Screw Uncommon Screw is used to craft almost every item in Fallout 4. The more you have the better.
Silver Rare Silver is required for a wide variety energy weapon mods, sights, scopes, and weapon modification.
Spring Uncommon Used to craft a number of mods and mechanical devices.
Steel Common An essential crafting material required in crafting almost anything in Fallout 4.
Wood Common A basic component for construction, Structures, furniture, and decorative items.

That is all for our Fallout 4 Base Component Guide with tips on all of the base components in the game their rarity, and more. For more on the game, also see Vault-Tec Quests and Minutemen Radiant Ownership Quests.

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