Fallout 4 Automatron DLC is brought along a hand of new quests as well as the ability to build your own robots. While we won’t be discussing how to build robots today, we will tell you everything you need to know how to complete Fallout 4 Automatron quests.


Fallout 4 Automatron Quests Walkthrough

There are only 4 main quests in Fallout 4 Automatron DLC:

  1. Mechanical Menace
  2. A New Threat
  3. Headhunting
  4. Restoring Order

Mechanical Menace

Your Pipboy is picking up a distress call, tune in to listen to it and find the source. Go to Wattz Consumer Electronics and listen to the sound of gunfire. Follow it and kill all the robots. Speak to the survivor, Ada, and bring him on board as your new companion. You will earn Robot Workbench Schematics and some information about the Mechanist threat.

A New Threat

Ada tells you about Mechanist’s robots at the General Atomics Factory. Go to South Boston and search the factory for more clues. Inside the factory, go to the assembly floor north of the reception. Find the terminal and hack it (Novice), open the security doors or climb up the conveyer belt to access the locked area. Use the staircase to the at to get to the 2nd floor. Use the terminal to open the gates and kill all the Robobrains. Now pick up the Mechanist Device from the Robobrains and speak with Ada who wants you to integrate the device in her. You need a Robot Workbench to do this.


Ada has detected another Robobrain in the Commonwealth. However, the signal is weak but you still enough to find it. Go to the marked location and kill the Robobrain to acquire the second Radar Beacon. Bring the second Radar to Ada and she will detect another Robobrain at the Fort Hagen Satellite Array. Go and kill the Robobrain to get the third Radar Beacon.

Restoring Order

When you’re done with Jezebel, head back to Ada and report the progress. After so many errands, you will finally know the location of the Mechanist’s Liar. Before you go to the liar, use the Workbench to equip Jezebel’s M-SAT mod on Ada. You need 1x Adhesive, 2x Aluminum, 3x Circuitry, and 2x Rubber. Ada will then reveal the location of Mechanist’s facility. Go there, deal with the enemies, and get what you need.

And that’s the complete walkthrough for all Fallout 4 Automatron Quests. Need more help? See The Railroad Radiant quests, The Railroad Miscellaneous quests, The Minutemen quests, Brotherhood of Steel Miscellaneous quests, Random Encounters.