Fallout 4 Agility Perks Guide: Best Perks, Stats

Fallout 4 Agility Perks, Fallout 4 Unique Items Locations Guide

The Agility perks in Fallout 4 affect your overall reflexes and fitness. You can also upgrade the number of Action Points you can put in VATS and boost your sneaking capabilities. If you are someone who likes to be stealthy, investing your perk points in Agility is the way to go.

Moreover, Agility perks also have their own combat benefits if you invest in Gunslinger for increased piston damage.

Fallout 4 Agility Perks

In total, there are 10 Agility Perks in Fallout 4. Here’s the complete list of Agility Perks:

  1. Gunslinger
  2. Commando
  3. Sneak
  4. Mister Sandman
  5. Action Boy / Action Girl
  6. Moving Target
  7. Ninja
  8. Quick Hands
  9. Blitz
  10. Gun-Fu


As the name suggests, the Gunslinger perk has everything to do with pistols. If you want to increase your damage and range with pistols, invest your perk points in Gunslinger in Fallout 4.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  AGI 1  +20% more damage with nonautomatic pistols. 
2  Level 7, AGI 1  +40% more damage and increased range with nonautomatic pistols. 
3  Level 15, AGI 1  +60% more damage and increased range with nonautomatic pistols. 
4  Level 27, AGI 1  +80% more damage with nonautomatic pistols and attacks have a chance to disarm enemies. 
5  Level 42, AGI 1  +80% more damage with nonautomatic pistols and attacks have a chance to disarm enemiesAttacks may also cripple enemies. 


Investing your Perk Points in Commando will boost your damage output with Assualt Rifles and any other automatic guns you find in Fallout 4.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  AGI 2  +20% more damage with automatic weapons. 
2  Level 11, AGI 2  +40% more damage with automatic weapons and better hip-fire accuracy. 
3  Level 21, AGI 2  +60% more damage with automatic weapons and even better hip-fire accuracy. 
4  Level 35, AGI 2  +80% more damage with automatic weapons and even better hip-fire accuracy. 
5  Level 49, AGI 2  2x more damage with automatic weapons and even better hip-fire accuracy. 


Investing in Sneak will boost your stealth capabilities in Fallout 4.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  AGI 3  +20% harder to detect. 
2  Level 5, AGI 3  +30% harder to detect, no longer trigger floor-based traps. 
3  Level 12, AGI 3  +40% harder to detect, no longer trigger enemy mines. 
4  Level 23, AGI 3  +50% harder to detect and running doesn’t have negative effects on stealth. 
5  Level 38, AGI 3  Engage stealth to cause distant enemies to lose you. 

Mister Sandman

Mister Sandman perk and its upgrades help you boost your damage output with silenced weapons. You can also kill sleeping enemies instantly.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  AGI 4  Instantly kill the sleeping enemy. +15% sneak attack damage with a silenced weapon. 
2  Level 17, AGI 4  +30% sneak attack damage with a silenced weapon. 
3  Level 30, AGI 4  +50% sneak attack damage with a silenced weapon. 

Action Boy / Action Girl

One of the key elements of success in Fallout 4 is Action Points. Investing Perk Points in Action Boy / Action Girl will increase the speed at which your Action Points regenerate.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  AGI 5  +25% faster action points regenration. 
2  Level 18, AGI 5  +50% faster action points regenration. 
3  Level 38, AGI 5  +75% faster action points regenration. 

Moving Target

If you plan to enter high-level areas it is best to invest as much as you can in Moving Target. The perk increases your damage resistance and energy resistance.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  AGI 6  +25% damage resistance, +25% energy resistance when you’re running. 
2  Level 24, AGI 6  +50% damage resistance, +50% energy resistance when you’re running. 
3  Level 44, AGI 6  Running costs +50% fewer Action Points. 


If you are planning to use stealth in Fallout 4, the best perk is Ninja. Your sneak attacks will do more damage when you invest in Ninja perk and its upgrades.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  AGI 7  Ranked sneak attacks do 2.5x more damage. Melee sneak attacks do 4x normal damage. 
2  Level 16, AGI 7  Ranked sneak attacks do 3x more damage. Melee sneak attacks do 5x normal damage. 
3  Level 33, AGI 7  Ranked sneak attacks do 3.5x more damage. Melee sneak attacks do 10x normal damage. 

Quick Hands

A gunfight can break out any point in Fallout 4 and if you are shooting bullets all around, you’ll need to increase your reload speed to keep up. Invest in Quick Hands to increase your reload speed in Fallout 4.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  AGI 8  Faster reload. 
2  Level 28, AGI 8  Reloading guns has no Action Points cost in VATS 


To increase VATS melee distance, invest your Perk Points in Blitz.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  AGI 9  Increased VATS melee distance. 
2  Level 29, AGI 9  Increased VATS melee distance. The greater the  Blitz distance the more damage you can do. 


If there is a gunfight, it’s more than likely that you’ll be facing multiple enemies at once. By investing in Gun-Fu you can increase the damage to your second VATS target.

Rank  Requirement  Effects 
1  AGI 10  +25% more damage to the second VATS target and beyond. 
2  Level 26, AGI 10  +50% more damage to the third VATS target and beyond. 
3  Level 50, AGI 10  Instant crit to fourth VATS target and beyond. 

Best Agility Perks

Best Agility perks in Fallout 4 depend on the type of character build you want to have. However, there are some general tips I can give you on this topic. Invest your perk points in Gun-Fu for increased VATS efficiency, in Ninja for better sneak attack damage, and in Moving Target for damage resistance.

And that’s all you need to know on Fallout 4 Agility Perks. Need more help? Check out Intelligence perks, Endurance perks, Power Armor Frames locations, Super Mutant Apparel locations, Charisma perks, Legendary Weapon Effects, Legendary Armor Effects.

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