Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC added a ton of side activities and among them are Acadia Quests. They are small side activities you can complete to get additional rewards and XP for your character. In this guide, I will give you all the details you need to complete Acadia Quests in Fallout 4 Far Harbor.


Fallout 4 Far Harbor Acadia Quests Walkthroughs

There are 5 Acadia Quests in Far Harbor:

  1. Acadian Ideals
  2. The Arrival
  3. Hunting the Hunter
  4. Data Recovery
  5. The Price of Memory

Acadian Ideals

Objectives: Assist the Synths of Acadia, (optional) help others.

How to Complete: Speak with DiMA during Where You Belong the main quest. Speak with Chase to start The Arrival Acadia quest, speak with Faraday to begin Data Recovery Acadia quest.

The Arrival

Objectives: Speak with Brooks, find the Synth, follow the Trail of Blood, investigate the House, speak with Chase.

How to Complete: You need to help Chase find the missing Synth. Go to Far Harbor and speak with Brooks in his shop. Find out what he knows about the missing Synth. Finish your conversation Brooks and go to the marked location to investigate the area. Convince the Trappers to give you the remains of the missing Synth or kill them all to loot the remains from the leader’s body. Come back to Acadia with the Synth’s head to complete the Acadia quest.

Hunting the Hunter

Objectives: Take care of the Cursor, talk to Dejen.

How to Complete: You first need to complete The Arrival and then agree to help with the Institute Courser problem. Go to the marked location and kill the Institute Courser. Come back and speak with Dejen to complete the quest.

Data Recovery

Objectives: Find the Storage Drives, speak with Faraday.

How to Complete: Faraday wants you to find some Storage Drives. Go to the Southwest Harbor to the flaming wreckage close to the docks to recover the Storage Drives.

The Price of Memory

Objectives: Figure out Jule’s past, report to Cog and Jule.

How to Complete: The quest only becomes available 24 hours after you complete the Data Recovery Acadia quest in Fallout 4 Far Harbor. Speak with Jule and take the key from her. Now go and speak with Cog and go to the same flaming Wreckage where you found the data drives. Use the key to unlock the marked truck and collect the note. Go back to Acadia and access the marked terminal, investigate the logs for past projects. You will find Jule’s real name, Victoria. You can speak with Cog and hide the truth (legendary weapon reward) or speak with Jule to tell her the truth (legendary armor piece reward).

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