Lies of P is a very challenging game, and if you have ever played a Souls game, then you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Bosses in Lies of P can get rather tricky to deal with, and it comes down to trial and error. Luckily, you are here! In this Lies of P guide, we go over how you can easily defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus.


How To Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus In Lies Of P

Before heading into the boss fight, there is some preparation that you might need to do. We recommend having at least 5 Thermite. This is an explosive throwable that deals fire damage. It is very effective against the boss and allows you to deal damage from a distance.

If you do not have Thermite, then you can farm it at the first Stargazer at Moonlight Town. You can also farm the Star Fragments in the same area. Star Fragments allow you to summon Specter companions that will help you during the fight and distract the boss. We can also recommend using the Flamberge Legion Arm for this encounter since Fire damage is very effective against the boss.

Phase 1

During the first phase of the battle with Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P, there are two main attacks that you need to be careful of.


Dual Tongue Attack: This is a dual attack in which the boss uses its tongue to attack you twice. This attack remains the same each time, and it all comes down to the rhythm.

3-Hit Attack Combo: The boss attacks you with its claws. The first two attacks are from the left claw, while the final attack is from the right.


As you enter the room, the boss is going to be at a distance from you and will instantly aggro you rather than the specter. You should take this time to use Thermite, which is very effective against the boss and allows you to deal a lot of damage relatively quickly. Since the aggro is on you, this ensures that the Specter survives longer.

After that, you will need to take on the boss and attack him with your Flamberge Legion Arm when the Specter gets the aggro. The boss does not have any special attacks, so you can dodge, block, or run away from the attacks if needed.


If the boss does aggro you, then he will use the two attacks that we have mentioned above. If you see the boss’s health bar go white, this means that it is about to break. So you can commit and deal damage.

Phase 2

During the second phase, you need to keep an eye out for the “Super Sayen” attack. You will see it coming since the boss charges up the attack, and you will see blue particle effects. If you see this, then you need to run away. If you have enough stamina, then you might be able to block this, and if you have enough HP, then you could survive it too. This is the main attack that is new in the second phase of the fight with Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P.


During the second phase of the encounter with Fallen Archbishop Andreus, you want your specter to charge in first. The boss will divert its attention to the specter, allowing you to head to the side of the boss that you are used to (phase 1). The attacks are going to be the same, so the strategy does not change much for the major portion of phase 2. Just don’t get stuck between a wall and the boss.

When the charged “Super Sayen” attack happens, you need to make a run for it, and when it is over, you need to head over to the bishop and attack him. Lock onto the Bishop and get under him so that he is unable to hit you.


This is how you can defeat the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss in Lies of P. To learn more, check out our beginner’s guide for useful tips and tricks. For more content, check out our Lies of P guides hub.