Mediatonic made it all so much more enthralling for players when they decided to launch Fall Guys for free in early 2022 on the Epic Games Launcher. There has been an enormous rush of users on the Epic Games that has no doubt become a game changer in the gaming community. However, with all the epic highs, players have increasingly been facing a recurring error that seems to have put a dent in the entirety of the once great experience of playing Fall Guys. And the error that has been nagging a great majority is the Fall Guys Error Code 201_003.

How To Fix Error Code 201_003 In Fall Guys

This Fall Guy error has been popping up not only on the Nintendo Switch but also as a 200_1040 error variant on PC as well. Do not worry; we’ll help players fix both errors. The source of the error is generally unclear as there could be many reasons for its surfacing. However, more commonly, it shows up due to corrupt local game files, deletion of game files, or even while you’re trying to join other players on the main menu.

Regardless of the source and reason of the error, we know you want to cut down to the chase and get down to getting rid of the error. Well, wait no further because we have curated for users a credible list of solutions that will surely get you out of this issue in no time. Here is how to fix Fall Guys Error Code 201_003.

Run As Administrator

Many games, including Fall Guys, tend to have issues in launching or running if you do not run them as an administrator. The steps to do it are fairly simple. To do so, right-click on the “FallGuys_client_game” file and select “Run as Administrator,” followed by a “Yes”.

Verify Your Game File

Verifying game files is necessary for scenarios when your game files have any hidden problems like missing or corrupt files, which you may be unaware of. This might be another cause of the Fall Guys Error Code 201_003. You can verify Fall Guys game files on both Steam and Epic Games Launcher. To verify your game on Steam, simply Right Click the game in the Library section, select “Properties”, then select the “Local Files” tab and finally click on the “Verify integrity of game files…” option. To verify your game on Epic Games Launcher, Right Click the game in the Library section, select “Manage”, and finally click on “Verify”.

Update Your Graphic Card Drivers

Regular checks on updates on versions of drivers are of absolute necessity when it comes to maintaining an up-to-date system to run your game smoothly. If you’re an Nvidia or AMD user, you can do those necessary checks by simply heading to the main menu of the overlays.

After that, “Check for Updates” on each of the GPU’s menus. It will run a thorough scan and by then end of it, it will provide you a list of drivers to choose the latest version from, for you to select the appropriate one for your PC.

With the benefits of receiving the Fall Guys for free, one may expect one or two errors to pop up every once in a while. However, the situation is not dire and is certainly solvable. With many users reporting similar issues, solutions are drawn with careful testing and experience and curated uniquely to solve all the errors along the way.

That is all for our Fall Guys fixes for Error Code 201_003. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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