Fall Guys Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Fall Guys tips and tricks

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock is an extremely fun Battle Royale game. It seems to be inspired by Takashi’s castle, the popular Japanese game show. You start the match with59 others and try your best to reach the final goal without falling down on the obstacle course. There are 5 elimination rounds and by the end of the 4th round, only 10 Fall Guys will remain for the next obstacle course. In this guide, we will give you beginners tips and tricks to win in Fall Guys or at least reach as far as you can without falling.

To win in Fall Guys you need to have a good understanding of the controls. We already discussed Fall Guys controls in a separate guide so let’s keep the controls part short for this one. You can basically dash by pressing CTRL, run at all times, press the spacebar to jump, jump and dash to cover more ground, and finally, press the shift button to grab teammates or enemies.

There are 20 maps with different obstacle courses in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Each map is different in terms of its design, obstacles, and your objective.

Fall Guys Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Fall Guys has  4 game mode categories – Race, Survival, Team Battles, and Final Match. The following are the tips and tricks for all 20 Fall Guys Maps and 4 game modes.

Dizzy Heights

The goal of this map is to dodge rolling balls and go through the spinning plates to reach the end of it. There are a ton of spinning platforms on this obstacle course. There is not much you can do it terms of movement control here but the trick is to let the plates take you forward even if you must move backward for a bit. DO NOT run against the rotations of the spinning plates as it is a sure-fire recipe for falling down.

See Saw

You may have seen this map a lot in the beta, people falling off of see saws. There are massive see Saws on this map. The best way to complete the See Saw is to make sure you are as further ahead of everyone as possible. If you are too far behind the See Saw’s might get stalled.  It is best to simply fall onto the next See Saw rather than jumping on it which means you have to judge the slope and height of your current and next See Saw.

Door Dash

Door Dash is probably the easiest one to complete in Fall Guys. It is quite simple and doesn’t take much to understand what to do. All you need to do is dash into the doors to figure out which ones are fake and which ones aren’t. Do not wait for others to clear a path for your, dash into as many doors to find the fake ones to go through.

Tip Toe

While Dash Door is the easiest one, Tip Toe is one of the worst ones. There will be a tile floor in front of you and as soon as you step on a tile it’ll fall down if it’s fake. You need to find the real tiles to reach the other side. The only way to find the real tiles to walk on them. If you fall you’ll respawn so you can try again, don’t wait for others to find the tiles for you.

The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig map requires you to dodge propellers and windmills to reach the end of the course. Getting on to the real obstacle course requires you to go through a narrow doorway and a windmill. Cross this section very carefully as it is the point where players start to fall behind. Next are a series of the windmill, each with there own speed of rotation. Go through the middle one which seems to be the easiest one. In the next section, the map is divided into three paths. The left and right are safer options but the middle one is the quickest to the finish line but also very unforgiving. It is completely up to you which path you want to take, it should depend on your current placement. If you are far behind you can try the high-risk high reward path but if you are ahead it is best to use safer routes.

Jump Club

Your goal is to dodge two spinning bars that get faster over time. It is pretty simple so there is nothing really to discuss here. However, what you can do is grab other players to throw them off their rhythm. It might be a double-edged sword because there is a chance you might get crushed along with them.

Tail Tag

Its a fun map where your objective is to keep your tail until the timer runs out. Only a subset of players will get tails on their backs so those who don’t have one must grab tails and keep them on until the end. A great way to keep your tail on hiding under the spinning hammer. You can also use the conveyor belts to run around the inner sections. The tail needs to be grabbed from behind so as soon as someone is about to grab you, turn out and jump in the opposite direction to evade.

Roll Out

In Roll Out you will run over rotating cylinders that have a variety of obstacles on top of them. You can grab other players as they are out of the transition from one cylinder to the other or wait on the other side to block their path. Slow and steady wins the race here, do your best to stay on top of the cylinder. Rushing the obstacle course is a bad idea.

Perfect Match

The Perfect Match map will show a type of fruit on the jumbotron. Your objective will be to reach the panel with the same fruit shown on the jumbotron. The only thing that can go wrong here is you forgetting which fruit was shown on the screen. You solve this problem by going to the panel with most players.

Egg Scramble

On this map, you need to carry eggs and reach a point on the map. This is a team-based mode so you need to carry as many eggs to your team’s basket to win. Focus on teamwork here and keep in mind that Golden Eggs are worth more than regular white eggs. Your team can have its eggs stolen from the basket so some members of the team must guard the basket once all eggs are distributed.

Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rock ‘N’ Roll is another team-based map in Fall Guys. Your team must carry a giant ball to the goal. Keep the ball moving forward at all times. If you reach the goal first, you can then try to sabotage your opponent’s ball.

Fall Ball

In Fall Ball, there is a giant ball on the map which must be placed in your enemy’s goal. This is the hardest map in Fall Guys and requires really high levels of coordination. Without coordination, there is nothing you can do. There are two balls on the map, you can split into groups of two and try to move the ball as fast as possible.

Hoopsie Daisy

This is map is perfect for beginners in Fall Guys. You simply need to go through hoops to get points for your team. Golden rings are worth the most so keep an eye on those.

Fall Mountain

On this map, you need to dodge all obstacles and reach the golden crown. The map will shoot giant balls at you as you try to dodge many other obstacles on the map. Keep track of where the giant ball is coming from and avoid being in its path. The rest of the obstacles on the map are pretty easy to complete.


Hex-A-Gone Stage has huge hexagon tiles that disappear when you step on them. Your goal is to stay on the hexagon by running around the moving from tile to tile. Whoever stays on for the longest wins the game. You can run around or jump from tile to tile slowly to buy time as others fall off.

This was Fall Guys beginners guide with tips and tricks to complete the courses. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our emotes guide. For more check out Fall Out: Ultimate Knockout Wiki.

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