Sponsors are the main source of income in F1 2020 MyTeam mode and choosing the best one can be difficult. Our F1 2020 MyTeam Sponsors Guide will help players with all of the primary and secondary sponsors and which one is the best for them.


F1 2020 MyTeam Sponsors

There are two types of sponsors in F1 2020 MyTeam, Primary and Secondary. The Primary Sponsor is the one that brings them the most money through upfront signing bonuses, weekly income, bonuses for achieving seasonal goals.

The secondary sponsor becomes available once players achieve acclaim levels 2, 5, 10, and 20. The contracts for these secondary sponsors last only a few months. Our F1 2020 My Team Sponsors Guide will help players with all of the primary and secondary sponsors in the game and what they can do for them.

Primary Sponsors

As I mentioned above, the primary sponsor is the player’s main source of income. Players have to sign a deal at the start of the season and they can also change their primary sponsor but, only at the end of the season. The following are the primary sponsors that players have to choose from along with how much cash the can provide.

Sponsor Signing Bonus Weekly Bonus Season Goal Bonus Season Goal
Hanzi $4.2 Million $241.5K $2.53 Million Complete a season.
Equinox $4.2 Million $235.75K $3.22 Million Finish at 10 or better in Constructors’ Championship
Slingshot Fuel $4.3 Million $241.5K $4.37 Million Earn 15 Constructors’ Championship points in s single season.
Tri Star $4.6 Million $224.25K $4.02 Million Earn 2 point finishes during a single season as a team.
Distort $4.7 Million $230K $4.02 Million Finish at 8 or better in Constructors’ Championship
Shark $4.9 Million $218.5K $3.56 Million Earn 5 Constructors’ Championship points in a single season.
Loopp $5.1 Million $218.5K $4.25 Million Earn 5 point finishes during a single season as a team.
Pacifico $5.2 Million $218.5K $4.83 Million Earn 25 Constructors’ Championship points In a single season.

Making a choice comes down to how much the sponsor is paying upfront and how much for a seasonal goal. However, do keep in mind to choose the sponsor whose seasonal goal you can realistically achieve. Also, consider the difficulty too as some seasonal goals will become harder to achieve as players ramp up the difficulty.

Secondary Sponsor

The secondary sponsor doesn’t provide players with as much cash as the primary sponsor in F1 2020. However, the contracts for the secondary sponsor are on per race or race weekend basis. Meaning the rewards are earned after each event.

As for the goals for secondary sponsors, they are relatively simpler compared to Seasonal Goals for a Primary Sponsor. They usually require players to hold a certain position in a certain lap, achieving a specific position in a race, overtake a certain number of drivers, and more.

As for choosing the secondary sponsor, it comes down to what goal you can realistically achieve. The achievement of goals doesn’t depend on the difficulty alone but also on racing conditions. For example, players won’t be able to achieve the “hold 1st position for 10 laps” goal if they are only doing a 5 lap race.


Also, as the players increase their acclaim, more secondary sponsors will become available who can provide them with more cash.

That is all for our F1 2020 MyTeam Sponsors Guide with tips on the primary and secondary sponsors and which sponsors is best for the players. For more on the game, also see our MyTeam Guide and Beginner’s Guide.

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