F1 2020 MyTeam is basically a team management simulator and can be difficult. Our F1 2020 Guide will help players with all of the aspects of the MyTeam like sponsors, press interviews, activities, and more.


F1 2020 MyTeam

MyTeam is a combination of team management and F1 racing. In this mode, players will be the owner of their very own Formula One team. Players will be tasked with bringing in sponsors, upgrade facilities, increase, plan calendar activities, increase teammate skills, and more. Our F1 2020 MyTeam Guide will help players with all of these aspects of the team management in the game.

The Basics

Before we dive into the proper MyTeam season, let’s take a look at the basics that players need to consider before they can properly start an F1 2020 MyTeam season.

Team/Character Creation
Before players start the F1 2020 MyTeam, they have to create their very own character and team. Players have to option to create a new character for MyTeam or import the avatar already created in the customization panel.

Once the character and team have been created, players need to pick a primary sponsor. Players can choose between 8 sponsors. The primary sponsor will provide an upfront signing bonus, meaning players will have some cash as soon as they sign.

Other than that, the sponsor will provide players with weekly cash inflows and a hefty bonus for seasonal goals. Players can choose to change their primary sponsor but, can only do so at the end of a season.

Power Unit
Now, players need to select a Power Unit. Players have four choices to choose from and like Primary Sponsor, can be changed but at the end of the season. Here players need to make a choice because high performance and durability Power Unit is costly.

Players need to choose wisely because if they spend all of their cash on a top-tier supplier, they might not have enough cash to spend on their second driver.

Second Driver
In F1 2020 MyTeam players won’t be along as they’ll have a second driver or teammate with them. If players choose a skilled driver, they’ll put up additional Constructors’ Championship points from the squad throughout the season.

However, the choice of second drivers is randomized. The second driver has its own stats that players need to consider before making a choice. Also, players need to have the cash to grab a worthwhile second driver. The better stats a driver has, the more expensive it’ll be. The following are the stats for the second driver that players need to consider.

Experience – How much Acclaim they’ll provide to your squad.
Racecraft – How Good they are on the track.
Awareness – Ability to make tight turns and split-second decisions while driving.
Pace – Keeping up with the race.
Overall – Overall stats.

Review Your Expenses
Once players signed the contract with the primary sponsor, chosen their power unit and teammate, they’ll come to screen which will tally up their expenses. This screen will show the primary sponsor’s signing bonus and subtract the cost of their power unit and teammate’s contract. If players are over their limit, they’ll have to make changes.

Customization And Gameplay Settings
Now, players need to d some customization and take a look at gameplay settings in F1 2020 MyTeam. In customization, players can customize the team’s logo, car livery, and team colors.

As for the settings, players can set Weekend Structures which include the number of laps, AI difficulty, and more. Furthermore, players can tweak gameplay settings and enable/disable gameplay assist.

Here players also have the ability to switch between “Standard” and “Casual” Race Styles. The Casual Race Style mode has fewer things for the player to consider and make the game relatively easy. This one is best for players new to F1 games.

MyTeam Season

Now that we are done with the basics, it’s time to see what players will have to do in F1 2020 MyTeam Season proper. Players have to manage things like press interviews and activities. This is the team management part of the F1 2020 MyTeam.

Press interviews
As players start the MyTeam Season, they’ll have an interview. The answer you’ll provide here will determine fame, prestige, and overall acclaim for your character and the team. This can potentially unlock more sponsorship options. These new sponsors will increase your weekly cash inflow and goal bonuses.

Not only that, there will be questions that’ll determine the morale and capabilities of your R&D departments. Meaning if the morale is down, it’ll have an effect on Aerodynamics, Powertrain, Chassis, and Durability of your car.

Now it’s time to looks at your calendar of activities. Every F1 2020 calendar ends with a Grand Prix or a season break. Players will have days on their calendar that will be blank and they’ll have to decide what activities they want to take part in.

These activities range from teambuilding exercises, training camps, press tours, department focus, and more. Obviously, each activity will affect Department morale, second driver’s stats, resource points, and the acclaim of the entire team.

What players need to do is fill up the calendar with as many activities as possible. However, some restrictions will be there like some activities can’t be selected until a short break in the season.

Once the calendar is filled with activities, all players need to do is let the time pass. The results will pop up on their screen as the time passes and activities complete. Remember, this is the team management side of the game, so you won’t have to go around and do all the activities in the calendar.

Other Options

There are some aspects that players need to consider while playing the F1 2020 MyTeam mode.

Facilities Panel
This will show the departments that players can upgrade.

R&D Panel
This displays the projects that players can develop and open up new upgrades for the player’s vehicle.

Vehicle Panel
This panel displays the gearbox, tires, engine, and more that players can check if they are worn out. If the components are in bad shape, players need to swap them out.

Corporate Panel
This panel displays sponsors, driver and teammate perks, customization options, and the driver market for contracts.

Standings Panel
This panel displays how many points the player has earned in the season and compares it with other drivers.

That is all for our F1 2020 MyTeam guide with tips on team management and the basics that players need to consider before starting a proper season. For more on the game, also see our Beginner’s Guide and Customization Guide.

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