F1 2020 MyTeam mode is a combination of racing and Team Management. Players will have facilities or departments that unlock perks and improve your R&D projects. Our F1 2020 MyTeam Facilities Guide will help players with all of the facilities and their upgrades.


F1 2020 MyTeam Facilities

There are a total of six facilities in F1 2020 that players can use. Four of these facilities are related to the player in terms of R&D departments or vehicle upgrades.

The rest of the two are related to the team’s morale, Acclaim, and the second driver. In other words, these two are Team Management Facilities.

R&D Departments And Upgrades

The four R&D departments that players can use are Aerodynamics, Chassis, Powertrain, and Durability. These facilities have similar upgrade types. The following are the upgrade types for these R&D Departments.

  • Fabrication – Increases the number of projects players can start simultaneously
  • Build Time – Increases the speed of project completion.
  • Quality Control – Failure rate for the upgraded is reduced.
  • Resource Point Generation – Boost the resource points earned for the respective department.

Each department has three tiers of upgrades. With each upgrade, not only the next upgrade becomes expensive the operational expenses also increase.

Every R&D Department in F1 2020, provides players with 20 Resource Points weekly. Meaning all four R&D departments prove a total of 80 Resource points. Players can also increase the resource points earned by going to Corporate > Contracts > Driver Perks > Development Feedback.

It’s recommended that players prioritize the Aerodynamics department over others. The reason is simple, the game punishes players for poor turns and a slower top speed in while going straight. Upgrading Aerodynamics will help you avoid these penalties.

Team Management Facilities

Personal and Marketing are the only facilities related to Team management. These facilities effect teammate’s stats, team Acclaim, and team-based bonuses. However, the upgrade types for both of these facilities are different.


The following are the upgrades for Personal facility.

  • Simulator – Boosts the Pace stat.
  • Fitness Center – Boosts Racecraft and Awareness.
  • Analysis Suite – Boosts Experience.

The following are the upgrades for the Marketing department.

  • Sponsor Relations – Significantly increases Team Acclaim.
  • Activities Management – Boosts the effects of team-based activities

That is all for our F1 2020 MyTeam Facilities Guide with tips on R&D facilities and Team Management facilities. For more on the game also see our Sponsors Guide and MyTeam Guide.


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