F1 2020 is out and about which means it is time to burn some rubber. You take your driver and your car out on the track for challenges, special events, and more. And of course, looking good means feeling good for the challenges so your driver can really use a different look each time they step out on the track. In this guide, we will explain how to customize your driver in the newly released F1 2020.

How to Customize Your Driver in F1 2020

Formula 1 racers can be customized in F1 2020 before they go around the world. The process isn’t very complicated. When you start the game the customization screen will pop up and from there, all you need to do is follow the steps to customize your driver in F1 2020. Their customization system is not the most detailed but still, it has enough features to make things interesting.

You can customize your driver’s number, origin, play-by-play call name, and much more. You can customize the overall look as well later on by heading to the customization section of the main many (homepage). The driver can also be customized when you are building your own, My Team. The great thing about the F1 2020 customization mode is that you can not only customize your own character but also create a new one if you want to. Choose the customization mode and press X on Xbox One and PC, or  Square on PS4.

In terms of looks, you have the option to customize helmets, gloves, suits, and add emotes to your driver’s profile. All of these aspects can be edited and changed later on. These are pretty much all of the options available in the game. Unfortunately, no add-ons are available that help you go deeper with the customization and add a beard, glasses, tattoos,  eye color, etc.

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