F1 2020 is one of the challenging racing games in the market and it can be difficult for a new player to get in. Our F1 2020 Beginner’s Guide will help players with tips and tricks that’ll make the game a little more bearable and eventually, lead to perfect lap times.

F1 2020 Beginner’s Guide

F1 2020 is one of those racing games in which mistakes are punished and can even lead to frustration when players have to use Flashbacks again and again just to get a single corner right. Our F1 2020 Beginner’s Guide will help players with the best tips and tricks to make them a better driver.

Casual Mode

Playing a hardcore simulation game isn’t easy and if you are new to the F1 games or want a casual experience then you should try the new Casual Race Style feature.

The Casual Race Style offers several features that will help make the game a bit easier. Players will find that driving on off-track surfaces like grass and gravel becomes easier. Players will also be able to reset their car to the circuit if they get off-track.

Not only that, players will also get steering assist while playing the F1 2020 Casual Race Style mode. This will help players guide them around corners by making adjustments if the player turns the wheel too much or too little. However, remember that it’ll only provide assistance, the bulk of the driving will have to be done by the player.

Furthermore, players can also enable brake assist. However, unlike the steering assist, brake assist will be doing the most of the work for the player.

Gameplay Assistance

Players can also get gameplay assistance without using the “Race Style” mode. The following are the different gameplay features that players can enable for assistance.

Traction Control
Players can use Traction Control that prevents the car from spinning when players floor the throttle on corner exits.

Anti-Lock Braking System
Players also have the option to use the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) that prevents lockups when they fully slam the brakes.

3D Racing Line Assist
Moving on, players also have the option to use the 3D Racing Line Assist. This one is pretty self-explanatory, enabling it will render a green line on the track. Follow this line as best as you can for optimal lap times.

The line will turn red to notify players to slow down near turns and corners so that they can easily make a turn without going off-track or hitting the car on the sides.

Automatic Gearbox
Almost all racing games give the player the option to choose between manual or automatic gearbox. With so many things to consider in a simulator, using a manual gearbox can be challenging as it requires players to shift gears at the right time.

Enabling the automatic gearbox is recommended for players using a controller. The manual gearbox is best suited for a full wheel setup.

Don’t Be Hasty

Its human nature to be the best as soon as we start something but, it doesn’t suit video games and especially, simulators. Take your time with the game and don’t go for the best lap time as soon as you start F1 2020.

Take your time learning the game’s mechanics and grow as a driver. Start with single-player races with AI. Try to keep an AI difficulty level that isn’t very challenging and slowly increase the difficulty as you familiarize yourself with tracks and game mechanics.

The Flashback feature can be very useful to rewind and eliminate a mistake. However, don’t overuse it as players will become overly-dependent on this system. Learn from your mistakes so that you won’t repeat them.

Also, tire preservation is the main skill that players need to improve for longer races.

Car Setup

Custom Car Setup is one of the most important parts of the F1 games. Each option affects how your car performs on the track and having a proper understanding of each option is very important. Tweaking the car to your play style or preference can make all the difference.

Each option has a paragraph attached to explain what it does. However, if the player desires to not divulge in tweaking the car setup, the basic setups provide a solid foundation.

Alternatively, players can look for car setups made by other experienced players. But, players need to be mindful of the setups they find as not all of them are suited for every player. Test them out to find out which one bests suites them.

That is all for our F1 2020 Beginner’s Guide with tips on gameplay assistance, casual game mode, and more. For more on the game, also see our Driver Customization Guide.


  1. Personally I love to play ‘informa with classic cars especially with the manual gearbox but that it’s hard, as I know nothing about computers I can not download Rfactor 2 mods F1 80′ 90’ or Assetto Corsa. So I have to settle for the codemaster F1 series which is mocked by the purist. Your in the sport Phil

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