Age of Wonders 4 has plenty of different mechanics and resources that you need to manage in order to get ahead of the enemy factions. There is however an overpowered strategy that you can use to expand your empire quickly and dominate all the other factions on the map. In this Age Of Wonders 4 guide, we go over how you can aggressively expand your empire fast and dominate the map.

Expand Fast And Become OP In Age Of Wonders 4

For this strategy, you need to create a custom faction that has the Silver-Tongued trait. This reduces the cost of trade with free cities by 100%. You also get a diplomatic focus and an additional scout unit, which will help you explore the map faster. Furthermore, you get an additional Whispering Stone which allows you to make free cities your vassals very quickly.

As soon as the game starts, you need to find the free cities, trade with them, and make your relationship with them stronger. They will give you resources for trade and you will be able to take advantage of the reduced cost of trade.

Your primary aim is to befriend any and all the free cities on the map and turn them into your vassals. This will allow you to expand your empire rather quickly without having to find cities of your own. Due to your diplomatic ties, the game will give you a high score even though you have not invested much in your cities or an army of your own.

For this strategy, you will rely on the resource that you get from the free cities. These resources can include knowledge, gold, mana, production, production, silver tongue fruit, and magic crystals. Fast forward about 20 turns and you should have most of the free cities are your vassals and they will give you enough knowledge to complete most research in 1-2 turns.

You might think that these vassals are not going to defend your cities and that anyone with an army will be able to come and destroy your faction. That is not the case since you can summons units via Rally of the Lieges. You can use this to summon high-tier units to capital cities.

This is how you can expand your empire early on in Age of Wonders 4 and dominate the map. To learn more check out our guide on how you can farm Pantheon XP.

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