To dominate the world in Evil Genius 2, you will need a ton of gold to work out your devilish plans of wiping out the world. Schemes are where your fortune will shine. You will need enough dough to back up your plans of dominating the world, but you should try not to draw Forces of Justice’s attention too much. This is a guide on how you will farm enough gold to execute your plans in Evil Genius 2: World Domination.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination Gold Farm

The best source of Gold in Evil Genius 2 is the schemes on the Global operations map. It doesn’t matter what your cover operation is. The schemes include so many devilish activities such as robbing a bank or stealing a highly valuable resource. All of these activities and plots are determined by the rank of your Criminal Network.

You will need to develop a network, a Criminal Network, to execute your Criminal activities in the area. Doing this will require you 1 Broadcast Strength for scouting purposes, which can be obtained from building Radio Repeaters in your Control Room. A single Radio Repeater is worth 1 Broadcast Strength. Once deployed, you should not remove a Radio Repeater, as it would also remove the Broadcast Strength weakening your network.

Your Schemes also have research upgrades under the Research panel. These nodes will help you a lot in certain actions and activities. The most prominent one is to upgrade your Criminal Networks, unlocking more rewarding schemes for you in the specific area.

Each scheme awards you a specific amount of gold. Such as if a scheme is of 10 minutes and awards you 30000 Gold. You would receive 30000 Gold from doing this scheme. There are shorter duration schemes as well, and they pay accordingly.

We recommend running multiple long-term schemes at the same time so that you can maximize your gold income. With all this going around, you got to make sure that your Heat Level doesn’t increase, or the Forces of Justice will come for you.

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