EVGA has parted ways with Nvidia and has not released any 40 series graphics cards. As a final hoorah, overclocker Biso Biso used two GeForce RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN graphics cards and posted a record-breaking score of 24,964 points in Time Spy Extreme. The RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN graphics cards have passed this record and set a new one.

The previous record was 24,964 points in 3DMark TSE and 27,611 points in 3DMark TSE graphic score. The new record set by a pair of EVGA RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN graphics cards is 25964 in 3DMark TSE and 27759 points in the graphics score. The KINGPIN graphics cards were paired with the EVGA Z690 DARK motherboard and Intel 13900KS CPU.

Credit: CENS

Both the graphics cards and the CPU were LN2 cooled, and the graphics cards were overclocked to 2,565 MHz while the memory was overclocked to 1,500 MHz. The Intel 13900KS CPU was overclocked to 7,500 MHz while the 32GB memory ran at 8,596 MHz.

CENS mentioned, “fun fact: the 5 heaters used in this setup alone pulled 900w on avg and 1200w peak”. The benchmark shows that this setup scored better than 99% of results which is not a surprise keeping in mind that exotic cooling was used and how extremely overclocked the graphics cards and the CPUs are. It is safe to say that these numbers are just for world records and you cannot achieve them at home.

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