Devices in Everspace 2 are abilities that can be used to perform different actions. These are further divided into 2 categories. Warfare Devices and Support Devices. Warfare Devices are good for controlling the field, dealing damage, etc. As for Support Devices, they’re needed to help players survive for a long time. In this guide, we’ve detailed all there’s to know about how devices work in Everspace 2, their types, upgrades, and effects.

Everspace 2 Devices

Devices in Everspace 2 don’t require any energy but all of them have an internal cooldown. To recharge a device, players mustn’t be docked at a station. Furthermore, devices can be upgraded with an Upgrade Token that players earn after leveling up. Below are all the Warfare Devices and Support Devices that are in the game right now. However, do note that the guide is a work-in-progress. We’ll continue to add more info. to the guide in the coming days.

Warfare Devices

Annihilator Virus Injects a virus to the target that spreads to nearby targets after every 2 seconds and deals 385 damage.
Corrosion Injector Applies corrosion to the target that deals 21 DPS directly to the hull for 14 seconds.
EMP Generator An electromagnetic pulse around 500m of the ship’s radius disables all nearby targets for 8 seconds.
Magnetic Repulsor Pushes the target in the direction player is facing to deal 100% increased collision damage for 5 seconds.
Quantum Entangler Damage dealt to the player is also dealt to the target with 50% more intensity for 18 seconds.

Support Devices

Energized Boost Instantly lunge the ship forward for 4 seconds.
Missile Defense System An automated defense system destroys all incoming missiles in a 300m radius for 10 seconds.
Nano Transmitter Repairs the ship’s hull for 30% of the damage dealt for 7 seconds.
Teleporter Teleports the ship 600m forward.
Temporal Nano Recompensator Instantly restores 50% of HP lost in the last 12 seconds.

These are all the devices in Everspace 2. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Everspace 2 wiki guides.

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