How To Escape The Castle In Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo

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Resident Evil Village or RE VIII is the next game in the franchise and if you are interested in checking out what the game is about then you can check out the Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo. The demo is available if you have a PS5. In order to complete it, you need to know how you can escape from the castle. In this Resident Evil VIII guide, we are going to go over how you can escape the castle in the Village Maiden demo.

Escaping The Castle In The Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo

Once you have made your way out of the dungeon in the demo, you will find yourself inside a castle. You start off in an ornate room with a necklace on the table which you should pick up. Get out and take a right and then go right once again.

You will notice a partially opened door. You can open the door and then take a right. You will move on to the upper floor of the castle. You need to proceed to the end of the hall and then take a left. On the right, you will find a door with a face on it. Look closer and you will notice that the face does not have an eye.

Now, head down the winding staircase and look around the first room. You will find a list of candidates on the table Look around the table and you will find traces of blood. This leads to a pair of doors. Head inside and you will find yourself in a dining room that is pretty dark.

On the table, you will find a fancy goblet that you need to pick up. Look inside and you will find the Maroon Eye Ring. Examine the ring in your inventory and you will be able to break the ring and get the eye. Now that you have the eye, you need to head over to the door with the weird face on it that you came across earlier.

Resident Evil Village Maiden

Place the eye in the face. You will then be able to access the small room. Examine the cupboards on the right and you will find the courtyard key. Once you have it you need to get back to the dining room.

You will encounter the ghostly figure and you need to dodge it and get to the door. You will then find the door which used the key. Unlock the door using the key to get to the other area of the game.

This is how you can escape the castle in the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo.

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