Error codes ‘MSVCR90.dll Not Found’ and ‘MSVCR90.dll is missing’ are mainly associated with the MSVcr90.dll file issue. This guide explains every point and relevant fixes for the error ‘MSVCR90.dll Not Found’. Many users reported this problem when trying to run the Microsoft Office application. Adding to that, whenever the user updates his Windows 7 to Windows 10, this error pops up.

What Is MSVCR90.dll Not Found Error, And What’s causing It?

The mSVCR90.dll file is a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) used by programs made in Microsoft Visual C++ 2008. This issue is probably related to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator. Adding to that, one more reason would be whenever the user tries to run a game that requires the DLL file (MSVCR90.dll), which is not preinstalled in the game.

Try applying the fixes below if you’re struggling with the mSVCR90.dll error. The following troubleshooting methods will solve your issue in this particular situation.

Fix #1: Repair the failing application

There might be some problem related to the application displaying the error. This method will help you with failing applications from the Microsoft Office suite but is irrelevant for unrepairable programs.

Tip: If you’re having trouble with Windows updates, registry errors, drivers, and activation, we recommend using Restoro. This software will scan and fix your problem automatically.

Open the Run Box by pressing the Windows+R keys and type in ‘appwiz.cpl’ and press Enter. By doing so, you can open Program and Features. Once you open it, right-click on the option for Microsoft Office suite. Choose Repair and follow the on-screen prompts instructions. Once you’re done, reboot your system and run the faulty application again.

Fix #2: Uninstall Microsoft Excel 2010 Security Update (KB3085609)

You might get the MSVCR90.dll error, specifically with Microsoft Excel. You can solve this issue by uninstalling the Security Update for Microsoft Excel 2010 (KB3085609) 32-Bit Edition.

Press Windows+R to open Run Dialog Box. After that, open Program and Features by typing ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the search box and press Enter. Use the left-hand side of Programs and Feature to choose Installed Updates.

In the list of different updates, search for security updates for 32-bit Excel 2010. Right-click on it and uninstall it. You can use onscreen prompts to delete it from your computer permanently.

Lastly, reboot your computer and run Excel again to check whether the issue is fixed. If the problem has been fixed, you’ve successfully found the culprit and resolved it.

Hopefully, these fixes will help you with the MSVCR90.dll Not Found error code. To make this workout, follow the sequence of above mention methods and execute each step carefully. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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