Epson, the most popular and biggest printer manufacturing company, provides customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, some issues and errors related to the Epson scanner were reported by Windows 10 and 11 users. This error says, ‘The scanner is in use or unavailable,’ titled, E1460-B305.

Why Is Error E1460-B305 Occurring

Antivirus applications on your system may stop the scanner from doing its job. If this is not the case, there might be a connection problem, and disabling any 3rd party interference might fix it.

System corruption can also cause this error, for which you can run an SFC scan to detect it. If your driver and system are incompatible, it may cause Error E1460-B305. Lastly, before setting up the scanner, check the main settings to ensure everything is in place.

Now that you know the relevant reasons for this error, the next step would be choosing the appropriate fix and implementing it.

Fix 1 – SFC Scan

Since there is a possibility that files may be corrupted in your system, conducting a system file checker (SFC) scan will be your best option. This will detect the corruption that might infect your system internally, fixing other error E1460-B305.

To implement this, first, type in ‘cmd’ in the taskbar and make sure to run it as administrator. Once you’re done with that, a command prompt window will open up, after which you can type in the ‘SFC /scannow’ and press enter. Once the scan completes, restart your PC to check if the scanner results in Error E1460-B305 again or not.

Fix 2 – Disable Antivirus

Antivirus on your PC may stop the scanner from entering your system’s security. Hence, disabling the Antivirus program will be your best option. As we know, Antivirus software varies from user to user, but the method to disable it does not. So, follow the steps below to fix this.

The most common way to disable the Antivirus program is via the taskbar. Select Disable and choose the ‘Until the computer is restarted’ option by right-clicking on the Antivirus program. However, we know that disabling Antivirus leaves your system vulnerable to attacks. Hence, using Windows Defender is your best option for now.

Fix 3 – Reconnect Scanner

As mentioned earlier, a connection problem with the Epson Scanner might cause error code E1460-B305. Hence, it is important to check that as well. As we know, printers come both in wireless and wired types. Just plug the cable out and reconnecting it can work out for wired scanners. While resetting Bluetooth can do the same for wireless ones.

Try out this fix a couple of times while restarting your scanner. If numerous attempts do you no good, switch to the next fix we’ve got for you.

Fix 4 – Run Scanner with Compatible Settings

Using the compatibility mode for running your scanner would also solve this error. Many users have reported this. Start by clicking on the scan icon. Then, head over to the context menu and select properties. After that, choose compatibility mode and mark the box for ‘Run the program in compatible mode. Once you’re done with that, press Apply and then press Ok.

Fix 5 – Repair/Reinstall Driver

The drivers for the Epson scanner might not be outdated, causing incompatibility issues and hence causing the error E1460-B305. Reinstalling or updating the scanner drivers will fix the error E1460-B305.

Driver Issue?

Tip: If you’re having driver issues, we recommend DriverFix to scan and update all your outdated drivers in just one click. DriverFix solves your issues faster; it is easy to use and lets you know whenever a driver update is available.

That is all for our fixes for Error E1460-B305 while trying to use the Epson scanner. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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