Epic Games Is Apparently Working On Its Own Subscription Service

Epic Games

Epic Games Store is apparently working on a subscription service of its own. The company that rivals Steam in the PC video games distribution market now plans to take on Xbox Gold and PS Plus. Although details are scarce and mainly unsubstantiated at this point, Epic Games Store’s new subscription service will offer free games every month. Rest assured, the online play remains free for all users of the Epic Games Store.

The subscription service is coming next year and offers two free games each week. The details are being sorted out at this point but the basic idea is here to create something similar to Humble Bundle Monthly but on a weekly level. Buyers will get Fortnite items as well as four weeks of free games on Epic Games Store.

The games and items you get weekly will remain in your library forever. The subscription service will go live during the Spring season of 2020.

Compared to other subscription services out there, Epic Games’ offering sounds better at least in terms of giving permanent access to video games. Even if your subscription expired, you will have games in your library forever.

Subscription services are gaining traction, many companies are offering services such as Uplay+, EA Access, EA Origins, PlayStation Plus, and Xbox Live Gold, Steam is yet to jump into the subscription scene but Sony is rumored to be working on something called PlayStation Plus Premium for PlayStation 5.

Source: Reddit