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Enshrouded: How to Get Sparks?


Sparks are a crucial resource in Enshrouded, especially for upgrading your Flame Altar. This guide provides comprehensive steps to efficiently gather Sparks, ensuring you can maximize your progress in the game.

Enshrouded Sparks

Sparks are pivotal for upgrading the Flame Altar, which extends your stay in the Shroud and boosts fast travel capabilities. Upgrading the Flame Altar provides additional stats, augmenting your character’s abilities.

Sparks are obtained from Flame Shrines and Flame Sanctums. These locations are identifiable by distinct fire symbols inside white diamond icons on the map. Utilize the Glider to traverse the map and spot these structures from above. Rescued NPCs, such as the Blacksmith and Farmer, provide information about Shrine and Sanctum locations.

Interact with the structure inside Flame Shrines and Sanctums to collect Sparks. Each location offers a Spark only once per game reset. Reload the game after collecting a Spark to reset the location and acquire it again.

Ancient Spires serve as fast travel points and offer vantage points to identify Shrines and Sanctums. Maintain a record of the locations you have visited to streamline the collection process. Use the collected Sparks to progressively upgrade the Flame Altar, ideally reaching higher levels early on for enhanced benefits.

This is everything we have on how to get Sparks in Enshrouded. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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