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Enshrouded: How to Get Eternal Spells?


Eternal Spells in Enshrouded are potent magical abilities, crucial for enhancing combat and exploration strategies. These allows you to harness different elements and powers. This guide provides a comprehensive approach to acquiring and utilizing Eternal Spells in the game.

Enshrouded Eternal Spells

Initially, you will need to craft a basic staff using 1x Bone (Skeletal Enemies) and 2x Resin (Trees) to be able to cast spells. As you progress, look for opportunities to upgrade your staff for more effective spellcasting. It is important to note that Staff Charges act like ammunition for casting spells. Early in the game, find them randomly in chests. Later, craft them at your base with the help of the Alchemist.

Similar to magical weapons, Spell Charges appear as loot in chests and containers. They can also be crafted through the Alchemist.

Gathering rare resources like Shroud Cores and Shroud Liquid is essential for crafting powerful Eternal Spells. After unlocking specific NPCs, such as the Alchemist, players can craft a variety of Eternal Spells at their base. Players can find and craft different types of Eternal Spells, such as Ice, Lightexplosion, Chain-heal, Fireball, and Poison. More spells are discoverable as players progress in the game.

Unlocking Alchemist

Unlocking the Alchemist from the Alchemist’s Vault allows you to craft various Staff Charges. The Alchemist enables crafting a variety of Staff Charges, with new options unlocked as you discover more materials.

Spells consume mana, shown as a blue bar under your health bar. Different spells have varying mana costs. Invest in the Wizard branch of the skill tree or equip magical equipment to increase mana, efficiency, and regeneration.

Use spells to gain a tactical advantage in combat, making your character harder to hit. Experiment with different elemental spells to find the most effective tactics for various enemies.

Casting Spells

Equip the staff or cane to an action hotkey and hold it. Place spell charges in your backpack inventory. With the Staff/Cane selected, press and hold the right mouse button, Q key or LT on gamepad to aim.

Select from different spell charges in your inventory and press the left mouse button or right trigger/RT button to cast the spell. Mana, denoted by the blue bar under the HP bar, is consumed when casting spells but regenerates over time. You can use potions for regenerative boosts.

Remember, spell charges are consumed per cast, so stock up if you rely on specific elemental projectiles or healing buffs. Also, completing additional side quests from the Alchemist unlocks more crafting options. Certain NPCs, unlocked later in the game, enable players to craft Eternal Spells using rare resources. This happens around the mid to end-game phase.

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