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Enshrouded: Best Skills To Get First

Skills To Unlock Early


Enshrouded starts as a pretty easy game but the difficulty increases quickly. Spending your resources wisely from the very start of the game will give you the upper hand and will make the experience much smoother. In this Enshrouded guide, I go over some of the best skills that you should get first.

Best Skills To Get First In Enshrouded

Well RestedThe base duration of the rested buff is increased by 5 minutes. Can be further increased by increasing the comfort in your home.
Double JumpAllows a second jump mid-air.
Water AuraAll players in 15 meters regenerate 1 HP per second for every point of your intelligence.
WanderlustThe stamina consumed when sprinting on dirt roads is reduced by 10%. Stamina consumption when sprinting on stone roads is reduced by 25%.
BlinkReplaces dodge roll with short-range teleport.

Skills In Enshrouded Explained

Skills allow you to increase the effectiveness, power, and survivability of your character in Enshrouded. These can be unlocked by using skill points which are earned when you level up or destroy a Shroud Root. Some skill nodes even impact your base attributes, which increase your stats. These attributes include:

  • Intelligence – +5% magic damage buff per attribute point.
  • Spirit – +20 mana buff per attribute point.
  • Dexterity – +5% ranged damage buff per attribute point.
  • Endurance – +10 stamina buff per attribute point.
  • Strength – +5% melee damage buff per attribute point.
  • Constitution – +50 health buff 50 per attribute point.

The Enshrouded skill tree is divided into 12 categories, with each focusing on different types of buffs. These categories include:

  • Survivor, Beastmaster, Ranger, Assassin (Dexterity and Endurance focus)
  • Trickster, Wizard, Healer, Battlemage (Intelligence and Spirit focus)
  • Tank, Warrior, Barbarian, Athlete (Strength and Endurance focus)

These are some of the best skills that you should get first in Enshrouded. For all things gaming and tech stay tuned to RespawnFirst.

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