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How To Increase Inventory And Backpack Size In Enshrouded


As is the case with most RPGs these days, Enshrouded also offers limited carrying capacity in your backpack. To increase the carrying capacity in Enshrouded, you need to first unlock the backpack upgrade and then gather the right materials to craft the upgrade to increase your inventory space to carry more items. Here is a complete guide on how to increase your inventory and backpack size in Enshrouded.

How To Unlock Backpack Upgrade In Enshrouded

Central to unlocking the backpack upgrade is a character known as the Hunter. This character introduces quests and crafting recipes vital for increasing inventory space. The Hunter is located in the Ancient Vault, a specific area in the game. This location is northeast of the Cinder Vault and east of the Ancient Spire — Springlands Fast Travel tower.

The Hunter must be awakened to initiate the backpack expansion process. This is achieved through the “Hunter Becomes The Hunted” quest, a significant milestone in the main story.

Once awakened, the Hunter must be placed in the player’s base using the Summoning Staff. This action triggers her quest series, which involves finding special items and crafting tools essential for the backpack upgrade.

Hunter Location In Enshrouded

The Hunter is located in the Ancient Vault, a specific area within the game’s expansive world. Yoiu need to find and awaken the Hunter before you can craft the backpack. While this is part of the main quest, here’s the exact Hunter location, northeast of the Cinder Vault:

Hunter location in Enshrouded.
Where to find the Hunter in Enshrouded.

What Crafting Items Are Needed To Upgrade Your Backpack

The upgrade process revolves around crafting, which necessitates specific equipment. The two primary pieces of equipment needed are the Drying Rack and the Hand Spindle. These two items are required to make Dried Fur and Linen, crafting items that are used to upgrade your backpack for increased inventory size in Enshrouded.

Drying Rack Crafting Recipe

The Drying Rack is used to create Dried Fur. This material is integral to crafting the various sizes of backpacks in the game. The recipe for the Drying Rack is unlocked under the Production Place tab, found within the Hunter’s list of available recipes. This becomes accessible after progressing through certain quests in the game.

To craft a Drying Rack, players need the following crafting materials:

  • 10x Wood Logs
  • 6x Strings

After crafting, the Drying Rack is used to dry Animal Fur with Salt, producing Dried Fur, vital for the backpack upgrade.

Hand Spindle Crafting Recipe

The Hand Spindle is used for producing Linen, an ingredient required for crafting larger backpacks. The recipe for the Hand Spindle is part of the game’s progression and becomes available as players advance through the Hunter’s quests. The specific quest that unlocks this recipe is the “Hunter’s Hand Spindle” quest.

How To Increase Inventory And Backpack Size

Backpack Upgrade SizeNew Slots On Each UpgradeCrafting Recipe
Small8 Slots3x Torn Cloth
4x Dried Fur
5x String
Medium16 Slots6x Dried Fur
6x Dried Linen

Where To Get Salt In Enshrouded

One of the crucial components for backpack expansion is Salt, particularly for the creation of Dried Fur. Players must know where to find Salt, as it plays a pivotal role in their progression and ability to carry more items.

The game designates specific locations where players can gather Salt:

  • Egerton Salt Mines: Located west-northwest of the Ancient Spire — Springlands Fast Travel tower. This mine is a primary source of Salt in the game. Players can identify Salt through its distinctive gray-white, cube-shaped deposits on rock walls.
  • Saline Quarry: Another location for Salt collection is the Saline Quarry, situated southeast of the player’s first base. Similar to the Egerton Salt Mines, players can mine Salt from rock walls in this area.

Where To Get Flax In Enshrouded

Flax, like Salt, is another essential material required for backpack upgrades in Enshrouded, specifically for the production of Linen.

Revelwood Area: The primary location for finding Flax is the Revelwood area of Embervale. This region is characterized by its lush environment. Flax can be easily spotted due to its distinct appearance. It is identifiable by its bright blue flowers, making it stand out in the game’s environment.

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