One feature of Fire Emblem Engage that stands out is the Engage Mechanic. This mechanism enables players to link allies and call them for assistance by wearing an Emblem Ring associated with their preferred hero. This exciting addition makes each battle even more enjoyable than ever before. If you’re unsure about the Engage Mechanic in Fire Emblem, such as how to use it and what skills or attacks it has, don’t fret – this guide will tell you everything you need to know about Engage Mechanics.

How Does Engage Mechanic Work In FE Engage

Fire Emblem Engaget offers countless opportunities to customize your characters with special Engage Attacks and Skills. To do that, however, you need an Emblem hero by your side – one who will fight for the cause! So equip them on your unit and let their strength power up yours. To use the “Engage Mechanic,” you must be in the Fusion State.

How To Use Engage Mechanic In FE Engage

When you equip the Engage Mechanic to your character will trigger an “Engage Meter” display – this meter reveals your current status with the Mechanic. The gauge increases in two ways: standing on an Engage meter tile and striking enemies. Once filled, you can use its skills and attacks, highlighted above the monitor, for easy access.

To use the Engage Mechanic, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Fill out the Engage Meter, unlocking all of its potential benefits.
  • Speak to Emblem and select the option that engages you most.
  • Press and hold the “A” key to access fusion mode, where you can merge with Emblem.

When you unlock fusion, you open up a plethora of powerful weapons, attacks, and skills at your disposal – but be warned! You have only three attempts to use it before the opportunity passes. After that, you must equip yourself with an Emblem Ring to use the Synchro Skill without entering an Engaged state.

All Engage Skills and Attacks in FE Engage

CharacterEngage SkillDescription
MarthDivine SpeedDuring the battle, unleash an additional attack with a 50% damage bonus. Instantly replenish HP equivalent to any inflicted damage.
CelicaEchoUnleash doubled the destruction, dealing 50% damage each time.
SigurdGallopBoosting mobility by 5, cavalry units are further endowed with an additional 2 points of increased maneuverability.
LeifAdaptableThis skill can effectively neutralize enemy offenses with a more powerful and resilient weapon.
RoyRise AboveIncreases level by 5
LynCall DoublesSummon a clone dealing 4 chain attacksInstantly summon a clone to unleash four consecutive chain attacks.
EirikaSacred TwinsErika’s and Ephram’s syncing abilities are activated simultaneously, allowing for a powerful connection.
IkeImmovableAvo is reduced to 0, and the damage you take decreases by 50%. If a dragon character uses this ability, the damage reduction effects are further decreased by 10%.
MicaiahAugmentIncrease the staff by 5 while also increasing the AOE by 1.
LucinaBond ShieldEmploying Qi Adept units significantly increases your chances of nullifying enemy attacks to 100%, whereas non-Qi users benefit from an 80% increase in their defense capabilities.
CorrinDreadful AuraAfter inflicting damage, this ability halts the progress of enemy units nearby for a single turn. This can be incredibly advantageous when facing multiple enemies at once.
BylethInstructFor a single turn, your characters within a 2-space radius can reap the benefits of buffs tailored to their combat styles.

Engage Attacks

CharacterEngage AttackDetails
MarthLodestar RushDealing 30% damage for a total of seven hits. Dragon units can hit with two extra strikes.
CelicaWarp RagnarokMaximize your magical damage by teleporting up to 10 spaces away and near an enemy before unleashing a powerful AoE attack! Flying units will benefit from extra range, as Teleport can be increased by 5 when used strategically.
SigurdOverrideAs you move forward, each step deals with destruction in its wake.
LeifTetra TrickUnleash a powerful combo attack using a sword, lance, axe, and bow. This strategy has the potential to break an enemy’s defense with great likelihood – even more so if used by skilled Qi units! Achieving 100% successful results is then certain.
RoyBlazing LionWielding only a sword, this foe will strike any enemy within three spaces and set two rows ablaze.
LynAstra StormHarness the power of 5 strikes with a 30% damage ratio and extend your attack range by 10. Covert units can maximize their striking distance up to an additional 10.
EirikaTwin StrikeUnleash the power of your sword and lance to devastate a close-by enemy unit utterly. Cavalry, in particular, gains from this tactic, as corrupt units are dealt 150% more damage when struck with it!
IkeConquering AetherYour defense is ramped up on its next turn, and a wide-reaching assault is unleashed while regaining lost health points.
MiciahGreat SacrificeRevive all allies with full HP while reducing the character’s HP to 1.
LucinaAll for OneUnleash a fierce chain attack on all allies within two spaces of you, no matter their class.
By attacking three spaces ahead and infusing the field with a water effect, Avo’s capabilities are significantly weakened by Corrin Torrential Roar.
BylethGoddess DanceBuffs increase the stats of your nearby units and allow them to take an extra turn, giving you additional strategic advantages in combat.

That’s everything you need to know to master the engage system in FE Engage. Want to read more about Fire Emblem Engage? Here are some guides you might like:

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