One of the routes you can take in the Empire of Sin is diplomacy. You can play as aggressively as you want but in the end, diplomacy is something you will eventually need. Being a bit more diplomatic can help your factions’ growth and create lucrative business opportunities. This Empire of Sin diplomacy guide will explain how the diplomacy mechanic works in Empire of Sin.


How to Diplomatic in Empire of Sin – Diplomacy Explains

The diplomacy mechanic works through the handshake icon at the top right corner. Click on the icon to see major factions/bosses and then click on the dialogue box to see the following diplomatic options:

Actions  Sitdowns  Discussions  Favors 
Trade: Trade resources and items with other factions.  End War: Convince a rival gang to end the war with another faction.  Offer Tribute: Offer a payment to increase diplomatic relationships.  Kill: Request a faction to kill a unique character of another faction. 
Declare War: Attack rival faction’s unit and businesses. Take over the safe house and kill the boss to capture the racket.  Truce: Form a truce to stop attacking each other.  Defense Agreement: Make a pact to help each other if another faction attacks.  Borrow Money: Request a loan from another faction. 
Enact/break Business: Start a pact to boost each other’s racket type.  End Business: Convince a faction to end their business arrangement with another group.  Standing Order: Trade for a short period of time.  Word of Mouth: Ask a faction put in a good word for you with another faction they have business ties with. 
  Demand Retribution:  If a rival faction is creating problems, demand retribution.  Offer/Request Protection: Offer or request protection from another faction in exchange for money.  Borrow Alcohol: Request alcohol from another faction. 

If you are going for a sitdown you need to keep in mind that you must first agree to a meeting when you first met a faction. Moreover, if you bail on the meeting by not showing it you’ll take a diplomatic hit. Another thing to keep in mind that being diplomatic all the time is not the best idea. The only victory condition of Empire of Sin is killing all bosses and faction to be the sole mob boss in Chicago.