Empire of Sin is a surprisingly good title with a great deal of in-depth mechanics. You need to make decisions that help you take over the criminal empire of Chicago. The first and probably the most important decision in the Empire of Sin is choosing the best mob boss. There are 14 mob bosses in the Empire of Sin, each more cunning and skilled than the other. In this mob bosses guide, we will give you the information you need to decide who are the best mob bosses in the Empire of Sin.

Empire of Sin Mob Bosses – Skills and Perks Explained

Technically, you are the mob boss in the Empire of Sin. However, the character you choose to play does have an impact on the outcome of battles. Mob bosses have their own skills and perks that make them effective in battle and in diplomacy.

Mob Bosses  Combat Skills  Diplomatic Perks  Empire Bonuses 
Al Capone  Rain of Fire: Fire bullets within an AoE that will damage and suppress enemies within that area. The AoE lasts until the next turn or until Al Capone takes damage. 
  • -20% brewery production cost 
  • -20% brothel ambiance cost 
Stronger Bonds: +1 passive faction while in a defensive pact. 
Angelo Genna  Fan of Knives: Throw knives that target multiple enemies. 
  • +1 brewery guard 
  • -5% speakeasy upgrade cost 
  • At Your Service: +100 faction rating when honoring pacts 
  • +50% honor gain on honoring pacts. 
Sai Wing Mock  Death Blossoms: Throw poison bombs on multiple locations. 
  • +1 brothel guard 
  • -20% casino games cost 
Enemy of my Enemy: Trade and truce with enemies without affecting your relationship with friendly factions. 
Maggie Dyer  Lion Tamer:  Use the whip to pull an enemy and perform a melee attack to knock them down. 
  • -20% brothel security cost 
  • -25% speakeasy raid chance 
The Hearbreak Kid: -50% faction rating loss when truces and business arrangements are broken. 
Dion O’Bannion  Blastphemy: Powerful shotgun shot that destroys armor and knocks back enemies. 
  • -15% brewery upkeep 
  • -20% speakeasy ambiance cost 
  • Turncoat: -50% truce duration 
  • +20% business arrangement difficulty 
Goldie Garneau  Killer Queen:  Mark enemies and fire at them with increase critical hit chance and ignore their defense. 
  • +5% speakeasy earnings 
  • -5% casino upgrades cost 
Room To Grow: -50% threat generation in a shared neighborhood. 
Frankie Donovan  Unleash Fury: Multiple melee attacks against an enemy. Kill restore fury and AP but deplete stamina 
  • +5% brewery production rate 
  • -20% speakeasy word of mouth cost 
Bygones Be Bygones: -50% negative effects rival factions from previous wars 
Salazar Reyna  Santa Muerte: Spin and shoot dual-pistols at nearby enemies. 
  • -20% brothel ambiance cost 
  • +10% casino draw 
Headhunter: -50% threat when killing other bosses. 
Frank Ragen  Home Run: Rush and knockdown an enemy. If the target dies attack another enemy with the “Batter Up!.” 
  • +5% brewery production rate 
  • -15% speakeasy upkeep 
Strength in Numbers: -20% threat generation if you have 6 or more crew members. 
Mabel Ryley  Swindler’s Shot: Mark multiple targets and shoot a bullet that bounces around. 
  • -10% casino security cost 
  • -25% casino raid chance 
Fair Price: +10% chance of trade acceptance 
Daniel McKee  Last Rites: Empty an entire pistol clip on an enemy. If the target dies before the clip ends, automatically shoot another enemy. 
  • -25% brothel raid chance 
  • +20% casino earnings 
Founding Father: -25% threat generation if you have a big criminal empire. 
Joseph Saltis  Stampede: Rush and knockback enemies in your path. 
  • +5% brothel earnings 
  • Speakeasies have an extra level for upgrades 
Jive Joint: -50% threat generation when you open a speakeasy in a neighborhood. 
Elvira Duarte  Devil’s Breath: Turn an enemy into an ally and apply a damage over time effect on them. 
  • -20% brothel security cost 
  • +1 casino guard 
Peacemaker: +100 faction rating for non-aggressive pacts. 

Best Mob Bosses

The best mob bosses are those that have a good balance of aggression and diplomacy. Franky Donovon is a good example of a great mob boss as well as Angelo Genna. Apart from these two, I think the best mob bosses in Empire of Sin are Sai Wing Mock, Maggie Dyer, and Salazar Reyna.

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