Electronic Arts’ New Anti-Cheat System Will Analyze Your RAM For Malicious Software

Electronic Arts 1

Electronic Arts is working on a new anti-cheat system that’ll help deal with cheaters. The hope is to reduce the number of cheaters in games like Star Wars Battlefront, Apex Legends, and Battlefield.

The anti-cheat system will access volatile memory to analyze if there is any malicious software running on your system.

For the less tech-savvy, let us explain what a volatile memory is. It is basically your RAM EA is going to access to observe what’s running on your PC during gameplay. EA’s anti-cheat system was spotted by RespawnFirst in a patent filed on October 1st, 2019 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent describes the Electronic Arts’ anti-cheat system as follows:

An anti-cheat system may be accessed over a network and stored directly into volatile memory of a user computing system. In some embodiments, this anti-cheat system may scan, or access portions of, the volatile memory of the user computing system to detect whether cheat software or other unauthorized software that may interact with a game application is detected on the user computing system. The accessed portions of the volatile memory may be compared with one or more signatures that are associated with the execution of cheat software on a computing system. The anti-cheat system may be prevented from being stored within non-volatile memory, thereby preventing malicious users from modifying the anti-cheat system.

Cheating in Battlefield is handled by a system called FairFight, it works in tandem with other unknown measures.

It is hard to consider the idea of Electronic Arts dropping FairFight so the most likely conclusion here is that this new system will work in tandem with FairFight.

It might even end up helping FairFight do better considering its lousy state right now. The system doesn’t have a good track record of keeping hackers away.

In fact, Battlefield and Battlefront fans were asking to bring in BattleEye, a much better anti-cheat system.